What is the correct spelling for GOASTS?

If you find yourself misspelling "goasts" when referring to the spectral beings, worry not; there are correct alternatives. The accurate spelling is "ghosts". Remember to replace the incorrect "ao" combination with the correct "o". Happy writing!

Correct spellings for GOASTS

  • boasts The city of Paris boasts some of the finest museums in the world.
  • casts The actor's unforgettable performance in the movie casts a spell on the audience.
  • coast
  • coasts The Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States are vastly different in geography and culture.
  • coats I need to purchase some new coats for winter.
  • costs The costs of living have increased every year.
  • egoists The egoists only thought about their own needs and desires, ignoring those around them.
  • Gaits The horse's gaits were smooth and rhythmic as it trotted along the path.
  • Gases Gases can have a variety of different properties, depending on their specific molecular makeup.
  • ghosts Many people believe in ghosts, while others believe they are simply a product of imagination.
  • gloats The winner of the race gloats over their victory.
  • goads The coach goads his team to work harder and improve their skills.
  • Goats Goats are playful and curious animals.
  • groats I love using groats, also known as hulled whole oats, in my breakfast porridge because they provide an excellent source of fiber.
  • guests The wedding reception was crowded with guests from all over the world.
  • gusts The wind gusts made it difficult for the birds to stay on their perch.
  • joists I need to reinforce the joists in the attic before adding more weight to the storage space.
  • jousts In medieval times, knights would often participate in jousts to prove their strength and skill in combat.
  • roasts He roasts a chicken every Sunday night for dinner.
  • toasts I love to make toasts for breakfast with jam and butter.