What is the correct spelling for GOLOB?

If you accidentally mistype "golob" when searching for something, here are a few correct suggestions: "globe", referring to the Earth or a sphere; "goblin", a legendary mischievous creature; or "global", relating to the whole world. Double-checking spellings can help ensure more accurate search results.

Correct spellings for GOLOB

  • blob The spilled ink formed an ugly blob on the paper.
  • COLO
  • color She picked out her favorite color, yellow, for the walls of her room.
  • glib The politician's glib response to the serious question disappointed many.
  • glob The glob of candy perched precariously on the edge of the bowl.
  • globe The globe is a representation of Earth's geography.
  • GLOP Igloo glop.
  • glow The moon rose in a glow of red and orange.
  • gob I accidentally dropped my gob on the ground and had to wash it before using it again.
  • gold during the Gold Rush, many people risked everything to find the precious metal.
  • golf I golf every weekend.
  • golly Golly, I'm glad it's not raining.
  • lob I caught a 3-foot lob from behind.
  • slob He was a slob who couldn't return a pair of socks.