What is the correct spelling for GOLOD?

If you've mistakenly typed "golod" instead of "gold", here are some suggestions to correct it. "Gold" refers to the precious metal, so make sure to use the correct term to maintain clarity and accuracy in your writing.

Correct spellings for GOLOD

  • clod The farmer removed the clod of dirt from his boot before entering the house.
  • cold I have a cold and my nose won't stop running.
  • COLO
  • geld The farmer decided to geld the young bull in order to prevent him from breeding.
  • gelid The gelid winds made it difficult to stay outside for very long.
  • gild The artist decided to gild the edges of the painting to make it look more luxurious.
  • glad I am so glad I decided to go on this trip.
  • glow The fireflies' glow filled the night sky with tiny flickers of light.
  • goad I'll goad you into a fight.
  • god Person 1: Does God exist?
  • gold The Olympic medalists were proud of their gold medals.
  • Golda Golda Meir was the first woman to ever hold the position of Prime Minister of Israel.
  • GOLDS I have no memory of this place, but... there seems to be something very familiar about that pair of... what do you call them? GOLDS? Shell-silver-lensless pince
  • Golfed I golfed all morning.
  • good She always tries to do good by people.
  • goody She always keeps a goody bag in her car to give out to homeless people.
  • gould I found some gould in the garden.
  • old My grandmother is old.