What is the correct spelling for GONING?

If "goning" is repeatedly misspelled, it might be a result of confusing the letters "i" and "o". Correct suggestions for this misspelling could be "going" or "gaining". Double-checking the spelling and using autocorrect or spell-check features can help avoid this error.

Correct spellings for GONING

  • Boning Boning is a traditional technique used to remove bones from meat or fish before cooking.
  • caning Caning is a form of punishment where a bamboo or rattan stick is used to strike someone's bare buttocks.
  • cloning Even though cloning is illegal, some companies are still cloning animals for research purposes.
  • Coining The act of coining new words is often seen as a creative pursuit in the world of literature.
  • coning In his paper "A Geometric Correction to Coning's theorem", Rigden points out that the Coning function is continuous
  • Conning She was conning me by pretending to be interested in my ideas.
  • Corning I visited the Corning Museum of Glass to see the beautiful glassworks on display.
  • Gaining I am gaining muscle while losing fat.
  • Ganging The group of students were ganging up on her.
  • Ginning She was ginning up a storm, but she was the one that got caught.
  • going Knowledge is power, and I intend to use it going forward.
  • goings I'm not quite sure about the goings-on in that room.
  • gong The gong rang throughout the house.
  • GONNA I'm gonna have pizza for dinner tonight.
  • goring The bull's goring of the matador was a terrifying sight to behold.
  • gowning In order to attend the ball, she had to get ready in her gowning room.
  • groaning She woke up groaning, feeling sore all over.
  • Gunning I saw him gunning down the street in his flashy car.
  • Honing I have been honing my skills in writing for years.
  • joining I look forward to joining the team and working together towards our goals.
  • Owning Owning a pet can be a wonderful experience for both the animal and the owner.
  • Toning I have added more squats to my workout routine in order to improve my toning.
  • zoning The zoning ordinance prohibits housing developments from being built in certain areas of the city.