What is the correct spelling for GPU?

If you've mistakenly misspelled "gpu" as "gup", fear not! Here are some possible correct suggestions: "gpu", which stands for Graphics Processing Unit, is commonly used in the tech industry. "GUP" might refer to "Generalized Unrolling and Pruning", a concept in computer science. Remember to double-check before using any term!

Correct spellings for GPU

  • CPU The CPU is the main component that performs all the calculations in a computer.
  • gnu The gnu is a large antelope found in parts of Africa.
  • gp I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow to discuss my recent health concerns.
  • GPA My GPA significantly dropped after I failed my math final exam.
  • GPO The GPO is responsible for producing and distributing the official documents of the United States government.
  • gu
  • ogpu The OGPU was the predecessor to the KGB in the Soviet Union.
  • pu

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