What is the correct spelling for GRAID?

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Correct spellings for GRAID

  • arid The ramifications of the watery Narran penetrated into the hollows of the stony ridge, presenting there little hollows full of rich verdure and pools of water, a sight so unwonted amongst rocks characteristic of D'Urban's arid group.
  • braid Our king has written a braid letter.
  • gad "By gad , sir," he cried, delighted, "so I wouldn't."
  • gait Mr. Duncan muttered something, and quickened his gait a little on the steps that led to the gallery.
  • geared They didn't shunt though, and in comes a long-geared old gent, wearin' one of those belted ulsters that they make out of horse-blankets for English tourists.
  • goad A creaking wagon drawn by six oxen and commanded by a bearded man carrying an ox goad came in and stopped.
  • grad I know, but I'm coming back for a post grad .
  • grade 4. Physical condition should be made a factor in the grading of children for school work, and especially for entrance into the first grade .
  • graded The streets up from the station are so steep that only by one of them, graded for the purpose, can vehicles mount at all.
  • grader She was looking at him as though he were a sixth grader .
  • grail If the reader will refer to Letter 21, or at least to that portion of it which has been vouchsafed by Madame Wagner, he will see how necessary the administration of such a tonic was to a man who even at that time could think it necessary to deprecate the "superideal" character of "Lohengrin", and to advise in a scarcely disguised manner that the Knight of the Grail should be brought a little more within the comprehension of ordinary people.
  • grain The same thing is true in feeding hay and grain .
  • grand They built their grand houses at the slope of the hill, not far away from the Vijver, and in time a city grew up.
  • grate "Teddy asked to be remembered to you as 'e went off this morning," said Mrs. Silk, pausing in her labours at the grate .
  • gratis Any town can afford to go a mile for every thousand of its population for such a source of water supply as this; and secure, gratis , a valuable forest preserve, public park, and beauty spot.
  • gravid And one, who with an azure sow and gravid Emblazoned had his little pouch of white, Said unto me: What dost thou in this moat?
  • gray Look at my gray hair.
  • grayed Everyone except me, Dan and the girl is grayed -out.
  • grazed I tied them up; but they broke loose again and again, and ran three miles off to the glen where they had been grazed .
  • great Skag wanted a great deal.
  • greed And you have outpassed your fellows in greed -you have owned it-you have boasted.
  • grid It doesn't look like that little grid could handle the sand it took care of.
  • grind It's not supposed to be spoken, but a stretch like that is rather a grind .
  • grit The two men looked at Dick an instant, and then glanced at each other, after which Parsons said emphatically,- "The boy has got grit ; but the old man must have been way off to come through this section of the country in a wagon."
  • groat The rule of it's being boiled enough is, when it yieldeth no more scum, and beareth an Egge, so that the breadth of a groat is out of the water.
  • rad "And Rad promptly cured him of the disease," laughed Tom.
  • raid To his apprehensive mind a raid on a plant in the Bronx could mean only one place-the little map-making shop of Jimmy Brunell.
  • reid Mr Reid , Greystone, has attained the highest position as a feeder and grazier amongst British agriculturists.
  • rid It will be at the usual hour-any time after lights are out and you can get rid of Smiles.
  • triad If the physical side of the triad is weak a girl must suffer.
  • Cared She had never cared for that sort of thing.
  • Gored My boy, I've been gored by the bull.
  • Graced Pictures by eminent artists graced the walls.
  • Grained "Far from it, my sweet mistress; I am too happy to come and reside with one so charming and gentle as you are, instead of the cross-grained Queen," returned the Dwarf.
  • Grated Season with minced parsley and grated onion.
  • Gratin For cauliflower au gratin, cut the head into florets, lay them compactly in the baking dish, add a little water, with salt, pepper and butter.
  • Cried If she cried, he did not know what he should do.
  • Gerald 53, 54; Gerald de Barri's account of, i.
  • Gerard He held the signature to be spurious, and attributed the picture to the school of Gerard David.
  • Grady I thought for sure it was Joe Angell; but I had my back turned, I'd been talking to Grady , the secretary, and then I turned around and moved over to the book-case.
  • Jared "Well, Jared ," said the minister's wife, "you be a genius.
  • Gerardo Surely, Gerardo , we must heav'n offend To think that it these Accidents should send.
  • GRADS Almost all of the Belt boys are college grads-you've got to know what you're looking for out here and what it looks like when you've found it-but Karpin has practically all of them beat.
  • GAWD "Fo' de Lawd Gawd , Cap.
  • GRIDS Our footfalls echoed on the metal grids as we hurried along.
  • graved One of our men, a stone-mason in times of peace, roughly graved his name on the slab above him.
  • abstrusenesses
  • re-move
  • re-moved

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