What is the correct spelling for GRATIDUE?

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Correct spellings for GRATIDUE

  • carotid The blade struck Hopkins near the collar bone and severed parts of the left carotid artery and penetrated the gullet.
  • critique Kant had awakened from his dogmatic theory, and the publication of the Critique of Pure Reason in 1781 had awakened the philosophical world of Germany.
  • grad Fahrt wohl, ihr Strassen grad and krumm Ich zieh' nicht mehr in euch herum, Durchton euch nicht mehr mit Gesang, Mit Larm nicht mehr and Sporenklang.
  • gradate From this point the dark and light masses gradate in different directions until they merge above the ships' sails.
  • grade All Rings are made and finished in the most accurate manner, from a special grade of steel and hardened by improved methods.
  • graded The road approach from this direction is well graded and has a good surface, but from the Zennor side so much cannot be said.
  • grader Russell's classroom scaler and grader.
  • graduate They could not stay in a place where a thermometer was hung up to graduate the state of their feelings.
  • grandee In general one must be content with a passing glimpse of these luxurious dwellings, for the haughty grandee resents all intrusion, and guards his home with Oriental jealousy.
  • grandeur Thus the story of faded grandeur is written all over the plains of northern Europe and Asia.
  • granite A complete set of the Granite Monthly.
  • granted But though Mrs. Maule told Jane Oglander nothing of her own intimate concerns, she had taken it for granted that she knew all Jane's innocent secrets.
  • grate When cold, grate on sugar.
  • gratified Strange to say, the boy's wish was gratified.
  • gratify I must gratify you, tho' 'tis to my Prejudice.
  • grating But before the man behind the window grating could take the money, a huge, hamlike, and rather hairy hand came down on top of his own hand, covering it and the money at the same time.
  • gratis Catalogues furnished gratis, and sent by mail, on application.
  • gratitude From exultant gratitude and trust, what is next to spring?
  • gratuity Graham dismissed the child with a gratuity, and he and Madelon went up to the grave.
  • gravid The operator now feels for and brings up to the wound the gravid womb, allowing it to bulge well through the abdominal wound, so as to keep back the bowels and prevent any escape of water into the abdomen.
  • gravitate So I naturally gravitate to the place of Grand Mogul, because I can't help it.
  • grid A soft light in the lower left hand corner of the screen cut an uncertain path across the grid, and two indeterminate splotches in the upper half of the scope flared out to the margin.
  • Gated What is the many-gated Thebes to Nero's golden house, while it was?
  • Grafted Double-grafted on the Quince, it is very fertile.
  • Grated As the boat's keel grated on the sands, however, both men sprang out and splashed their way to her.
  • Gyrated Every few minutes the number increased, as some new arrival came flying in and gyrated around like a brown fur pinwheel.
  • Raided They are said to have come into Burmah with the great Mogul invasion; and when the Northerners retreated, the Kachins stayed and took up their quarters in the hill tops, and have raided the low countries since.
  • Rated If good intentions had commercial value, both father and son should have been rated high; but here was his father a bit of old junk, while he himself, having reached man’s estate, having served his country, having tacitly offered himself to the limit of his strength, was rewarded with a wage on which he could hardly live, to say nothing of helping others live.
  • Gratin He then reluctantly re-entered his carriage, and, bidding the postilions drive as fast as possible, wrapped himself in his roquelaire, and divided his thoughts between Lucy Brandon and the homard au gratin with which he proposed to console him self immediately on his return home.
  • Crated Her luggage, carefully disguised as crated merchandise, had gone to Trieste by fast express a couple of days before, sent in my name and consigned to a gentleman whose name I do not now recall, but who in reality served as a sort of middleman in transferring the shipment to the custody of a certain yacht's commander.
  • Gertrude Now give me the kiss Aunt Gertrude sent, and one from you.
  • grades He slipped through all the grades of despondency until he reached a bottom of absolute gloom.
  • abstinents

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