What is the correct spelling for GRATIONS?

If you mistakenly spelled "grations", fret not! Here are some alternative suggestions that might fit your intended word better. You could consider "gradations", referring to different stages or degrees or "gratins", a culinary term for dishes with a browned crust. Remember, proofreading is key to prevent such misspellings!

Correct spellings for GRATIONS

  • g rations During the war, soldiers were given daily rations of food and supplies, including g rations which were compact field rations that could be easily transported.
  • gratins I cooked potato gratins together with the main course for our dinner last night.
  • gyrations The dancer's gyrations were so wild that the audience had to watch through their fingers.
  • orations The politician's orations were met with a standing ovation from the audience.
  • rations During his time in the war, he had to survive on meager rations.