What is the correct spelling for GREWSOME?

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Correct spellings for GREWSOME

  • absinthal
  • am disturbed
  • being casualty
  • cracking the code
  • crease The back of Mavis' stooping neck used to be exactly like this girl's-a smooth, round stem, without a crease or a speck on it, a solid, healthy neck, and yet so slender that his great hand would almost girdle it.
  • Creme "We had the same trouble way back in Paris," proclaimed another lady; "little Jerome and the girls don't want to eat any more creme renversee.
  • creosote We are trying to get rid of them, so we paint some creosote on every bunch of eggs we can find, and that kills them.
  • CREWS 12,397. I understand you buy a considerable quantity of fish which have been already cured by the crews themselves?
  • Crusoe He was nearly sixty when he wrote Robinson Crusoe.
  • gives try
  • grease Then grease the inside with a brush dipped in sweet-oil, or a clean rag with some butter tied up in it.
  • greased Have ready a mould or a square tin pan well greased with sweet-oil.
  • greaser During this conversation the eyes of the greaser had been wandering all over the room.
  • greases Other things dealt in hereabout are these: chronometers, "nautical instruments," wax gums, cordage and twine, marine paints, cotton wool and waste, turpentine, oils, greases, and rosin.
  • greasier He doubts that it can be done by anybody who has not, time out of mind, scanned a greasy menu in a greasier hashery, and finally made it h.
  • greasy He put his hands beneath him, and withdrew a piece of rope-a piece of greasy rope.
  • greece My first public account of my exploit was delivered before the Geographical Society on the evening of September 7, and in the presence of the king and queen, Prince and Princess George of Greece, most of the members of the royal family, and the most prominent people of Copenhagen.
  • gresham 370, 371 Gresham, Sir Thomas, iv.
  • Greys There are blues of various depths and shades from cobalt to lavender, reds, orange and pinks, greens, browns and greys, each springing from a separate receptacle.
  • groom We had hoped, half seriously, that we could escape passing as bride and groom.
  • Groomer "But I understand that Mr. Groomer, the mate, has deserted you, and gone on shore with the others of your ship's company," added Christy, rather perplexed at the situation indicated by the captain.
  • grooms The grooms an' all spoke up to Mr. Barradine's knowledge of his ridin' gen'rally; but it stands to reason, when you're past sixty your grip on a horse isn't the same thing as what it once was.
  • grouse You ought to have something to grouse at."
  • grows "The funny fellow grows serious once in a while," chuckled Dick, "but I think he is right for all that."
  • gruesome Out in the bright sunlight, away from the gruesome cave and its dreadful tenant, Jack seemed to recover his spirits quickly, however, and he presently took one of the oars and then another, and said: It's all right, Dick.
  • gruesomely The brows, and even the lashes, had turned as white as the thin strands of hair, and contrasted gruesomely against the yellow, mottled skin, which stretched like clouded parchment over the bony death's head.
  • Jerome Jerome Wilson, the factor, is my uncle.
  • presume I presume I have a right to enter."
  • resume On a summer night, when it was far too warm to rest, Marietta awoke very early, and could not resume her sleep.
  • tiresome She is staying a week longer with that tiresome friend of hers.