What is the correct spelling for GROSRY?

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Correct spellings for GROSRY

  • crosby John Crosby , the stonemason's little boy, sings very nicely, and I went so wrong in playing his accompaniment, through losing so many of the notes, that he finished half a verse ahead of me.
  • cross I can't think I could ever cross Betty, or be unkind.
  • cursory Such pieces would have appeared whether or not Malone had written the Cursory Observations.
  • glossary Now, it is true, that, after all, we do not exactly know how Urry understood his own reading; for he did not make his own glossary .
  • grass Don't you know you mustn't take father's Shakespeare out and leave it on the grass ?
  • grassy So he limped away, feeling as if he were walking on air in spite of his halting gait, and Betty from her window watched him pass down the path and off along the grassy roadside.
  • greasy Both sexes anoint themselves with palm oil and other greasy substances, and no greater compliment can be paid to an African belle than to say she looks "fat and shining."
  • gregory Among other royal residences the Marble Palace erected by Catherine for Prince Gregory Orlof stands but a short distance from the Hermitage eastward.
  • gris The King, who had taken no part in these proceedings, now said: 'I trust that woman's cry will not raise an alarm-Ventre St. Gris if it does!
  • grisly I stared at the glimmering amethyst, I stared at the empty vial and, as a full realization of all his words implied seized my benumbed faculties, I felt the icy chill of some grisly horror moving among the roots of my hair, lifting it on my forehead and filling my whole being with shrinking and dismay.
  • grocer Do you think I ought to stay at home every day till after the butcher and grocer and baker have been here?
  • grocery Val was kneeling beside the front porch, painstakingly stringing white grocery twine upon nails, which she drove into the rough posts with a small rock.
  • gross Were Mr. Peary not the sort of man who would stoop to dishonor, to discredit a rival in order to gain an unfair advantage for himself, were he not guilty of the gross injustice I have stated, he would have had all the opportunity in the world for effectively coming back at me.
  • grossly Affecting not to see the gentleman when he entered, Mr. Squeers feigned to be mending a pen and trying to comfort the boy he had so grossly abused.
  • grosz I forthwith hastened to her, pressed the little packet which Mistress Grosz had given me into her hand-for I had it still hidden in my poke-and, whispered to her: "I had two of them, little Ann; make haste and pour them on the heap."
  • grouse The deer no longer fear the sight of men, and the mother grouse can raise her brood in safety from them.
  • grozny
  • grus
  • rosary She had carried some food and water into the hovel upon the day of her last struggle with Manuello and she could creep about the inside of the small building, so that, being hardy and healthy, she had, at that time, subsisted upon the supplies she had on hand, for several days; she was just beginning to crawl carefully out into the surrounding brush where she was glad to find plenty of ripe cactus-fruit and other wild edibles; she was very lonely and frightened but she took her condition as a punishment for the sins she had committed since she had tried to assist Manuello in spite of the fact that she had known him to be a criminal; she told her beads, over and over, using the small rosary which she had always worn about her neck, and, as she kissed the crucifix attached to the beads, she often prayed for the man who was the direct cause of her pitiable condition, for she believed it to be her plain duty to forgive, even though she could not forget, him.
  • Grouser He is a bit of a grouser, but he likes a talk."
  • grows A sense of sin grows with the general growth of the Christian life; and that at first it should be small need not surprise us.
  • gyros With flaming jets still holding it up, and spinning gyros keeping it vertical, the rocket lowered gradually.
  • grosser The underlying idea seems to be that the fairies extract the spiritual essence from food offered to them, leaving behind the grosser elements.
  • grousers They offer a strange contrast to the activities of Parliamentary grousers and scapegoat hunters.
  • automatizes
  • autonym
  • babler
  • gnarrs
  • goingover

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