What is the correct spelling for GUALL?

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Correct spellings for GUALL

  • call He wanted me to talk to you about it and then call him back."
  • cull Go not forth to cull sweet violets From the purpled steep, While the furious blasts of winter Through the valleys sweep; Nor the grape o'erhasty bring To the press in days of spring.
  • gael They had conceived the idea of a real Irish nation, of Gael and Gall united, of Churchman, Roman Catholic and Dissenter working together for their country's good under a free constitution.
  • gal I've been after you now for two years and, gal , you've got to do it!
  • gala Everywhere the advent of Gottschalk at a town was made the occasion of a festival, and life seemed to be one continued gala -day with him.
  • gale I only say that never fleet put to sea in a worse condition; but I do hope we shall be blessed with fine weather, and not meet with a heavy gale , or have to encounter an enemy of superior force."
  • gall The riflemen likewise began to gall us from the wooded bank with a running fire of musketry; and it was not without trampling upon many of their dead and dying comrades that the light brigade established itself on the opposite side of the stream.
  • galley Life must have been precious always; but never before had it appeared so precious as now, whilst I gazed at that homely ship, with her main-topsail to the mast, swinging stately upon the swell, the faces of the seamen plain, the smoke of her galley -fire breaking from the chimney, the sounds of creaking blocks and groaning parrels stealing from her.
  • gaul Though our long past forefathers, when they crossed from Gaul wave after wave, were rude warriors, we have been learning ever since from Gaul as the Gaul s have learned from the Romans, and the Romans themselves admit that we have advanced greatly since the days when, under their Caesar, they first landed here.
  • gila From the States, by way of the Gila trail across the desert.
  • gill And having taken a copy of my Lord's letter, I away back again to the Beare at the Bridge foot, being full of wind and out of order, and there called for a biscuit and a piece of cheese and gill of sacke, being forced to walk over the Bridge, toward the 'Change, and the plague being all thereabouts.
  • goal Another moment, and the noble animal shot past the goal a neck ahead, and the race was won!
  • guile For long after the finding of those shameful photographs he had failed to recover confidence in himself, and had doubted his fitness to speak as a master who could be blinded by the guile of a girl.
  • gulag Novelist Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in his book The Gulag Archipelago (published in 1973) recounts that Bakunin ".
  • gull In fact, to gull a fool seems to me an exploit worthy of a witty man.
  • gully It came from the direction of the gully .
  • quail Birds sang from invisible coverts; a quail sent up clear flutelike notes; and a lark caroled, seemingly out of the sky.
  • quell He clenched and unclenched his hands as if trying to quell a rising trepidation.
  • quill This scratcher consisted of seven splinters of bone, sharpened at one end and inserted into a quill frame which held them firmly, separated from one another by about a quarter of an inch or less.
  • Gail Two are just no account, he added laughingly as he held Peggy in one and Polly in the other, while all the other girls, Gail included, crowded around him, all talking and laughing at once, all demanding to know what would be the very first thing on the day's program.
  • Gallo It was erected by Antonio di San Gallo in 1518, and is one of the most perfect specimens existing of the sober classical style.
  • gulls The gulls seemed to cease their cries.
  • galls We shall be back in time to walk home with the galls from night meetin', by airly candle-light.

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