What is the correct spelling for GV?

If you find yourself mistakenly typing "gv" when you actually meant something else, here are some possible suggestions to consider: "go", "give", "gov", "gave", "get" or "gas". Double-checking your writing and using spell-check tools can also help you avoid such errors in the future.

Correct spellings for GV

  • av Jag vet inte vart av problemet uppstod. (I don't know where the problem originated from.)
  • cv I need to update my CV before I apply for any new jobs.
  • G Give me a moment to think of a sentence using the letter "G".
  • ga
  • gb
  • gd I have a green gd car.
  • ge
  • gi I ate some gi joe.
  • GK GK stands for Goalkeeping Keeper.
  • gm
  • go I want to go for a long walk on the beach.
  • GOV The GOV website provides information and services related to the United States government and its agencies.
  • gp I gained 10 pounds while on gp.
  • GR
  • GS The GS letter stands for "grade school".
  • GT GT: Great time!
  • gu Going groceries was a Gu task for Anna.
  • GUV I have a guv that I need to speak to.
  • iv I need to receive an IV in order to get fluids.
  • jv JV's are a good investment.
  • nv
  • rv Before we hit the road, I wanted to check the RV tire pressure.
  • tv I'm going to watch the TV show tonight.
  • uv
  • V
  • wv
  • xv Don't xv me.