What is the correct spelling for GWYNEDD?

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Correct spellings for GWYNEDD

  • canned The business to which he had been referring, a mere matter of running a small cargo of canned goods down to a certain island and transferring it to an Austrian submarine, was a trifle.
  • corned As he consumed the scraps of bread and cheese, and a small hunk of corned beef, he recalled with what light hearts they had fallen to the meal of which he was now devouring the remains.
  • gander "Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander .
  • gannet They sprang to their feet just in time to avoid another one and to see a man crouching at the edge of the jungle; and then they were snatched up, and there they were on the rock again, with Gannet Head towering above them.
  • garnet She has begged that old garnet and white silk, though, at last, from mother.
  • gender But, inasmuch as there is properly speaking no neuter in either language, the masculine does duty for the neuter; the gender of the definite article and relative pronoun being determined by the gender of the word referred to.
  • genet In a minute or two he heard a loud and sudden altercation, then there was the sound of blows, and looking round he saw two of the soldiers shaking Genet violently.
  • gonad The male's attitude, aggressive pursuit, is instigated by the compound adrenal and gonad endocrines.
  • gounod The "Ave Maria," the "Ave Verum," all the mystical indecencies of the late Gounod , the rhapsodies of old Thomas, the capers of indigent musicasters, defiled in a chain wound by choir leaders from Lamoureux, chanted unfortunately by children, the chastity of whose voices no one feared to pollute in these middle-class passages of music, these by-ways of art.
  • gowned Carpenter, sitting in the seat behind us, must have realized by now the meaning of this scandalous adventure; but he said not a word, and the white-gowned Klansmen piled in behind him, and the siren shrieked out into the night, and the bus backed to the corner, and turned and sped off; and all the way to Eternal City, T-S and I and Old Joe slapped one another on the back and roared with laughter, and the rest of the Klansmen roared with laughter-all save the Grand Imperial Kleagle, who sat by Carpenter's side, and was discovered to be weeping.
  • gwyn "Why-why-Mistress Gwyn herself," I stammered.
  • joined Gordon had joined them in the meanwhile, and Laura looked at him.
  • owned Was there no door then behind which you could have owned to me what now comes too late!
  • Caned On this the chevalier caned him, and the man went to complain to the superintendent, who summoned Ville-Follet to appear before him and explain his conduct.
  • Gained You know it does not serve you well to sit up late, and nothing can be gained by it tonight.
  • Ginned The Bahnas numbered 48,000 persons in the Central Provinces and Berar in 1911. The large increase in the number of ginning-factories has ruined the Bahna's trade of cleaning hand-ginned cotton, and as no distinction attaches to the name of Bahna it is possible that members of the caste who have taken to other occupations may have abandoned it and returned themselves simply as Muhammadans.
  • Guyed On this ship they are narrow velvet rugs hung on edge from horizontal bars, this is swung by two ropes from the roof, and they are all guyed together with cords, so that one pull, from a lascar outside the cabin, sets them all into violent commotion.
  • Gybed 1 and 2. Presently the two crackling sails gybed over with a thud, and the "Starlight" lay on the starboard tack, head down and filling rapidly.
  • Kenned When I see the blood on the trail I kenned he was hard hit and would no travel far if left alone, so I sat down and smoked a pipe.
  • Waned To-morrow when the day waned, she would be far away from this homely spot, and when she returned, the fruit-trees would be bare, and snow would cover the ground.
  • Coined There is surely no lack of sharply coined psychology.
  • Conned Richard made no comment whatever, but, like Andy, he conned the letter over and over until he knew it by heart, especially the part referring to himself.
  • ConEd A short reamer that is driven by fitting to a coned mandrel.
  • keened Long fled the foam-flakes around me, the winds fled out of the vast, Snatching the bird in secret; nor knew I, embosomed apart, When they froze the cloth on my body like armour riveted fast, For Remembrance, lifting her leanness, keened in the gates of my heart.
  • wined I want to see the best kind of life, but I've never had the chance, and now these Skinners come here, are taken up,-wined and dined,-and we're left out in the cold!"
  • gunned They gunned the pirate craft to a wreck in a running fight.
  • gyved

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