What is the correct spelling for HAAPPEN?

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Correct spellings for HAAPPEN

  • cheapen
  • hairpin Promptly every hairpin she possessed lost its grip and her hair came down.
  • happen I never thought it would happen With me and the girl from Clapham – Up the Junction by squeeze
  • happy Of March he wanders as, too happy, Years ago when he was young, Some mild eve when woods grew sappy And the early moths had sprung – Waring by Robert Browning
  • harden
  • harper Its narrow doorway was besieged by a crowd, for within the first of the rock-chambers of which it consisted, a harper was singing a dirge for the long-since buried prophet, his wife and his sister.
  • harpoon Before the others realized what had happened, Ootah sprang toward a bull and delivered his harpoon .
  • hatpin I've seen her looking at him as if she'd like to stick a big hatpin into him."
  • haven There was the haven in which I was to find rest.
  • headpin
  • heaped Wantele divined that he was half amused, half ashamed, at the honours which were now being heaped upon him, and certainly he was doing his best to make all those about him forget that he was in any sense unlike themselves.
  • hearken "First was I angry with thee, then my heart, though I did not wish to hearken to it, made me pity thee away from thy people, even as I pitied the wildcat I loosed from his trap.
  • hearten A stone from a catapult struck Joan on her helmet as she was in the act of mounting a ladder-she fell back, stunned, into the ditch, but soon revived, and rising, with her undaunted courage, she turned to hearten her followers, declaring that the victory would be theirs.
  • heathen A young Indian, who is said to be superior to most of his people, has long wished to marry her; but as she is a Christian and he is still a heathen , though I believe she likes him very much, neither she nor her father will consent.
  • heaven In the name of heaven , what are you up to?
  • hempen We had brought with us some strong, light, hempen rope for the purpose of lowering our swags down steep and difficult places.
  • hipped I am hipped , my Rabelais; we must have a spree.
  • hopper Hopper-toad frogs an' wood-bark chips, why, they favors consider'ble-lay 'em same side up.
  • hyphen "Referring to Charles Belknap Hyphen Jackson of Boston, Mass.
  • sharpen I fasted and prayed that so I might reduce this grosser material frame, and sharpen and quicken every nerve, and stimulate every fibre of the brain.
  • Happened What's happened to him?"
  • Harped And aye he harped, and aye he carped, Till a' the nobles were fast asleep; Then quickly he took aff his shoon, And saftly down the stair did creep.
  • Harping Since the conspirators against family life are so fond of harping on the matter of prostitution, with a view to drawing critics away from attacking their doctrine of free-love, the reader will be shown that even prostitution, instead of decreasing in the Socialist state, would, together with immorality of every sort, become far more prevalent under Marxian rule than it is today.
  • Harpies The man told him, and the captain, after a few stern remarks about privacy and harpies, left the room with his friends, leaving the speechless Mr. Kybird gazing at the broken glass and returning evasive replies to the inquiries of the curious Charles.
  • Heaping Noticing, when he lit his pipe at dawn, that we had no army blankets and were pretty nearly frozen, this "barbarian" had jumped out of the car in the Liege freight yards, had run a quarter of a mile to the nearest army kitchen depot, and had stolen for us a couple of heaping blankets' full of warm, dry straw.
  • Hepper
  • Hipping
  • Hopped
  • Hopping
  • Hayden
  • happens
  • hipper
  • happier

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