What is the correct spelling for HAAVE?

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Correct spellings for HAAVE

  • cave It was a cave , the mouth higher than the floor.
  • hake The total quantity of cod, ling, and hake landed from open boats and cured in Shetland in the year ending 31st December 1871, according to the returns made to the Fisheries Board, was 46,391 cwt.
  • hale Hale is a good man, and will give a most reliable account of his visit to the White House.
  • halve If they do they'll just run creation and halve the world between them; and I reckon that makes five.
  • hare Then comes a hare stealing by without a sound.
  • harvey Harvey is not an isolated example, and even in our own time real medical progress sometimes waits for years for recognition, while well-advertised pretended advances are occupying the centre of the stage.
  • hate Some day you'd hate me for it."
  • have 15,523. Do you know that they have done that?
  • havel It had been a poor place, situated betwixt the Havel and a swamp; the King had made it into an architectural camp; no civilian could carry a sword there, not even the minister of state.
  • haven And you’ve been paid, haven ’t you?
  • haze The next instant the ground trembled even where the Minister sat, and a haze of dust arose above the ruined quarry.
  • heave "Heave-to, I want to speak to you," I answered, turning over the leaves of the signal-book.
  • heaven Thank heaven I came now!
  • heaver Of course as matters stood he wasn't going to back the Heaver at even money;-but he'd take twenty-five to thirty in hundreds between the two.
  • heaves His bosom heaves as if he were laboring to raise the words he is about to speak from the uttermost depths of his soul.
  • heavy Still later, a heavy fall of snow compelled us to camp.
  • helve For the next two or three evenings I let the axe-helve stand alone in the corner.
  • hiv Some doay Oi'll tell yez about th' big shnakes we hiv in Oireland.
  • hive The bees are hanging out on that hive under the Tolman Sweet.
  • hoover "Quite likely," said Hoover .
  • hover Hence the necessity for Alfieri and the Countess to remain in France, or, at least, hover about near it.
  • lave "Sure and I can't lave 'em by thimsilves in the evenin'.
  • nave The nave is used as the Parish Church.
  • pave Any other girl would have understood that these words from a man of Edgar's great reserve of character were to pave the way for a declaration.
  • rave There was nothing to do but go my way and let them rave .
  • save He had gone to save life.
  • shave A barber arrived; I submitted to a shave .
  • wave In another minute the wave of life is gone; it has swept over and disappeared as swiftly as it came.
  • Ave It was not a mere imagination, projected on far distant years, which craved for the yearly offering of violets and roses, or the pious ave of the passing traveller.
  • Gave I never gave a thought to the matters that you talk of.
  • Hove So every day, when the ships hove in sight, they were hailed from the giant's castle and made to pay heavy toll.
  • Sheave The centre of the eccentric sheave or wheel is placed ahead of and level with the paddle shaft axis.
  • Dave "So you heard what Dave told me?
  • heaved I bent over her; she heaved a deep sigh, looked at me once again, and sunk back to rise no more.
  • HaaS An' that's fifty year ago, lad, and I've never slept out o' th' owd haas from that neet to this, and I durnd want to leave it naa.
  • HOV In fact, as before stated, he built the hov or temple himself, and it was chiefly his ownership of this, which raised him to a dignity superior to that of other chieftains.
  • FAVE
  • EAVE And the tin eave-troughs are singing their gentle lullaby of running water trickling from the shingles ...
  • heavier With his hand in hers, Janey seemed to feel comforted, but with every step Paul's heart grew heavier .
  • haves Merely the rich-the tone was still nonchalant-the Haves against the Haven'ts.

5 words made from the letters HAAVE

  • 4 letter words made from HAAVE:

    have, heav, vaea, vahe.
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