What is the correct spelling for HAB?

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Correct spellings for HAB

  • ab At this time he took the name of Angelus Silesius, probably after a Spanish mystic named John ab Angelis.
  • ahab That the Ammonites also were subject to Ahab seems a just conclusion from the inscriptions of Shalmanesar, king of Assyria.
  • cab The cab is waiting for me.
  • dab I wonder how and when I became such a dab at it?"
  • fab It was a simple pre-fab affair, but big enough to require an awful lot of assembling.
  • gab "The gift of the gab " was one, and "He'd argue black was white" another.
  • ha "Perhaps the young fellow ha s been making a cat's-paw of me all the time, and ha s gone to church and got married, ha !
  • hag Now, on the banks of this river there lives a wicked old hag who catches little children as they try to cross, steals their clothes from them, and sets them to work to help her in her endless task of piling up the stones on the shore of the stream.
  • haj Haj Ahmed, my master, is no Sheikh, no Sultan.
  • ham A fine ham had already been put on the table, as if by magic-the girls really seemed to anticipate everything you could possibly want.
  • han In Han kin and Han cock this Han would naturally coalesce with the Flemish Han ke.
  • hap "Wal," ses I, "Kernel, that seems to me a rather hap -hazard, no-policy way of bein Presidint.
  • hat The young gentleman came in, hat in hand.
  • haw A derisive haw announced his discovery.
  • hay Hay should not know.
  • hob This done, Isaac filled up, placed the kettle on the hob , fetched a Bible and prayer-book from a sideboard, placed them at one end of the table and went out.
  • hub The business quarter of London is like the hub of a wheel, from which the railway and omnibus lines radiate like spokes.
  • jab I happened to see a little sterling silver fork, the sort of thing you use to spear out olives and cherries or jab into canapes.
  • lab Are you doing this for Mom and me, or are we just being used like lab animals?"
  • nab I tell you, some one's on to the whole game, and they're just sitting back and waiting for the right moment to nab us.
  • tab Kept tab on me, did you?
  • Had 7961. How long have you had it?
  • Has What has it done for us?
  • Hal "So, you will stand by me, Hal ," said he.
  • HEB 5: 'Blessed are ye when men shall persecute you for My sake;' Heb .