What is the correct spelling for HACHED?

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Correct spellings for HACHED

  • arched The back is arched, and the four limbs are brought together under the body.
  • beached There were smiles and shouts of welcome for both of them as they beached.
  • hatched December 20, 1865. While the Great Cut is being hatched, Burnand, du Maurier, and Silver all make little cuts of their initials on the Punch table.
  • hatchet The guns cracked all together, and every Cahokian sprung up to finish the work with knife and hatchet.
  • hated I hated to leave the poor fellows, but I did not see what else to do.
  • hunched Over at the saloon-"Pop's Place," it proclaimed itself in washed-out lettering-three tied horses circled uneasily until they were standing back to the storm, their bodies hunched together with the chill of it, their tails whipping between their legs.
  • hushed Her tone was hushed.
  • latched The latched door which communicated with the staircase had been burst open, and a small brown bear had rushed erect into the room, and, with a cry, had thrown itself on Mrs. Gullick's bosom.
  • matched He had a feeling that he was matched against fate and that he would win.
  • parched How sweet was the touch of cool water on his hot, parched face!
  • patched The boys touched their limp little hats to the lady, and felt somewhat ashamed of their own patched clothes in the presence of the well-dressed stranger.
  • poached He examines the books of the overseer, and shoots about the estate, which, he says, is well stocked with game, notwithstanding that it is poached by all the vagabonds in the neighbourhood.
  • Ached Her head, apparently, still ached; but suddenly she started and exclaimed 'There are the Harvey-Brownes.
  • Coached "Anne arranged the scenes and coached David in his part of the pantomime," said Grace.
  • Hacked I should print that before the system realizes it's been hacked.
  • Haled It was Miss Follansbee, who had looked after Baby Paul, and Frieda had gone off and haled her back, bodily.
  • Hashed At night my wife and I had a good supper by ourselves of a pullet hashed, which pleased me much to see my condition come to allow ourselves a dish like that, and so at night to bed.
  • Hawed The Spaniard hemmed and hawed and cleared his throat a dozen times and then he got up from his desk and embraced Hall and told him to sit down.
  • Hazed "I will, my dear, I will; but first let me right you up a bit; you look as if you had been hazed, upon my life you do;" and Jack laughed in spite of himself at the wretched little object before him, for dust, dancing, and the downfall produced a ruinous spectacle.
  • Hitched The sleds were hitched to each other by another long line.
  • Leached When forest lands are near, the underbrush may be cut and burned in a clearing or wherever it may be done without detriment to the standing timber, and the ashes scattered in the orchard before they have been leached by rains.
  • Marched As a man in a dream I marched, set camp, ate and tried to rest.
  • Reached Neither spoke again till they reached the Greek Room.
  • Thatched The Old San Hermano had been founded by the Conquistadores in the sixteenth century, a walled speck on the shores of an ocean, a fortress and a thatched church, a handful of flimsy huts.
  • Watched But from that time Gerani was watched closely.
  • cached Of fish he had plenty, and these were accordingly cached high up between three large trees, safe from prowling dogs or other animals.
  • hatches In many vessels there is a passage like this leading from the after cabin to the steerage, where the entire hold is not open from the hatches to the keel, as in big ships, which the captain may use in reaching certain portions of the cargo with less trouble than in the case of its being stored in a solid bulk.
  • roached If he gets it roached up on both sides that will make me look like a horizontal-bar performer, which is his idea of manly beauty.
  • hared
  • devalorizing
  • dis-unified

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