What is the correct spelling for HADENED?

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Correct spellings for HADENED

  • addend
  • adenoid The elder man, advancing with a smiling bonhomie, bowed, and said in an adenoid voice, ingratiating of tone: I'm M. Charolais, young ladies-M. Charolais-retired brewer-chevalier of the Legion of Honour-landowner at Rennes.
  • adorned She kept his fine house open, his room ready, and herself constantly adorned for his home- coming.
  • darned "There's that darned fire-escape out back, right down from his room, an' what man has ever locked his barn in these parts?
  • deadened Its supposed effects in the case of both heat and cold were due to the same fact: it deadened the nerves for a time to whatever sense of discomfort one might then be suffering from, but made no change whatever in the condition of the body that caused the discomfort.
  • hand 9755. Did she hand you over the money, or did she send you down to the shop for it?
  • handed He handed it to Doggie.
  • harden Another reprint, edited by W Tyas Harden, appeared in 1888, 8vo.
  • hardened The wind came steadily, but reduced in force, with a frosty edge that hardened our garments to sheets of ice.
  • hated And still he hated to give in When there was still so much to see.
  • hatted The police launch, trim and business-like with its cheerful yellow-hatted sepoys, came for others.
  • haunted Then I said to my soul: "I shall never come back, Back to this haunted room Where Sorrow and I have slept."
  • headed It was far away, headed for the mainland.
  • horned The whole impi will be crashed to pulp by the horned terror.
  • maddened I asked, half maddened with rage and pain.
  • tanned The voice aroused him, and a flush came upon his tanned, healthy-looking face.
  • Dawned Some time during the night the pigs disappeared, and when day dawned the coast was clear.
  • Denied The gentleman, wondering how he should know this so soon, denied it.
  • Dined It happened that at the restaurant where Old Joe and I had dined before we went to the mass-meeting, he had met a girl whom he knew too well, after the fashion of young men about town.
  • Gardened But there had remained up to my last visit that grot on the gardened hill-slope whence a colossal marble Hercules helplessly overlooked the offence offered by the railroad; and now suddenly here was the lofty wall of some new edifice stretching across in front of the Hercules and wholly shutting him from view; for all I know it may have made him part of its structure.
  • Happened Has anything happened to-day?
  • Hardener
  • Hastened Marjorie hastened back to the study hall to find it empty.
  • Hearkened I hearkened with all my might, but the noise was outside.
  • Heeded She heeded not the entrance of her roommate.
  • Hided One of my men heard those chicken-livered black-hided cowards laughing to themselves about the way they fooled vessels with their 'patent light.
  • Honed It lay there on the tray, its honed edge glittering in the light of the sun.
  • Saddened It breathes a tender regret for the moral injury he has inflicted on himself; and a high courage, saddened by the thought of lost support and lost illusions, but not shaken by it.
  • Widened While sitting there I learned of some alterations which had been made from time to time: how the front of the house, before which the old roadway used to be, had been widened by extending the western end beyond the porch.
  • Hayden Mr. Hayden answered, "That depends on what you are going to say."
  • hardens When first dug from the quarry, its color is a pure and glossy white, and its texture very soft; but as it hardens it takes a browner hue, and loses its lustre.
  • heartened And it did them good, that cheer; it proclaimed confidence and affection, and it heartened them so that when the dust of battle had blown aside the man with the ball lay across the thirty-yard line!
  • headlined Ashton-Kirk was looking out at the crowds passing in the street; Dennison was reading a blackly headlined story on the front page of one of the newspapers, his pudgy hands shaking and his eyes feverish.
  • hadn't You would have liked me so much better if I hadn't told you.
  • hardeners From the new arrivals, fixers, case-hardeners and temperers were set to work-women who had learned their trades during the war.

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