What is the correct spelling for HAIGHLY?

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Correct spellings for HAIGHLY

  • daily Sprinkle the leaves daily with soft water.
  • gaily Elsie came away gaily from the broker's door, in the belief that she was going to walk straight to the goal.
  • haggle Up the main way passed a line of braves, each laden with his winter's catch of furs, to barter at the trading-room, haggle with the clerks by sign and pantomime, and pass down again with gun and hatchet and axe, kettle and bright blanket, beads, and, most eagerly sought of all, yards of crimson cloth.
  • hail And after that: Hail !
  • hairy The hairy man, looking up from his Blue Book for a moment, said that he thought so.
  • haley "Supper's on the table," Jasper announced, after having seen Mr. Haley go down the front walk to-night.
  • halley Halley then proceeded to investigate whether this comet of 1682 could have visited our system at any previous epoch.
  • haply Haply he has not yet retired for the night.
  • hardly The young gymnast hardly knew what to do.
  • harshly I now reproach myself with having spoken too harshly to him, but I had no other weapon than my words.
  • haughtily I am quite ready for service, replied Stephen haughtily .
  • haughty But now he did think of Fulkerson, and with some shame and confusion; for he remembered how, when Dryfoos had last approached him there on the business of his connection with 'Every Other Week,' he had been very haughty with him, and told him that he did not know him in this connection.
  • hazily She opened her eyes slowly, and stared dully, hazily before her.
  • high It seemed very high to me for only two in the family.
  • highboy Sirs, you cannot think how beautiful our little dining-room looked to me, with the old brass-handled highboy in the corner and the pots of flowers on the sill-far more beautiful than the fretted golden towers and gem-girdled walls of the City under the Sea.
  • highly Now, this may teach us a lesson, highly important to us all, and especially to those who must teach others.
  • highway Finally the wild dash slackened, the dogs regulated their paces to an easy trot, and we swept steadily along the frozen highway of the tide-made shelf of the ice-foot.
  • hill The first hill was easy.
  • hilly We had now traced with our wheels, a good way through a country much broken and shut up by sandstone gullies; but which contained also many rich valleys, and extensive hilly tracts of trap rock, on which the grass was very luxuriant, apparently available for either sheep or cattle.
  • holly Changed in later editions to "To-night ungather'd let us leave This laurel, let this holly stand."
  • holy He read for Holy Orders for seven years.
  • hugely But my father was looking at me now through the mental spectacles of my success, which made to him hugely big that merit which, before, he could not see at all.
  • Harley Godolphin at once assured him, in very much the same words that Harley had used before, that the change need make no difference to him; he was the Queen's servant, and all that had been done for him was by Her Majesty's special and particular direction; his business was to wait till he saw things settled, and then apply himself to the Ministers of State to receive Her Majesty's commands from them.
  • hails It is thus that Aristides hails him after his rescue from the perils of the sea.
  • highs We got determination - bass and highs White Castle fries only come in one size – Slow And Low by beastie boys

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