What is the correct spelling for HALMED?

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Correct spellings for HALMED

  • blamed Could they be blamed for that homesick feeling which came over them?
  • halberd With a curse the King whirled up his own halberd, and dashed the blade in the man's face.
  • halted Even had he halted then and there, he could not tell which way to turn himself.
  • halter "'Tis true," exclaimed another, "but he hath lost what he had gained upon the halter-he must needs fight it all out again from the beginning."
  • hamlet The leading brigade was within a mile of Groveton, a hamlet of a few houses at the foot of a long descent, and the advanced guard, deployed as skirmishers, was searching the woods in front.
  • harmed It is needless to say that she was not harmed, and this act did much to destroy the superstitious dread in which the heathen goddess was held by the ignorant and credulous natives.
  • healed And because humanity is apt to forget its most drastic punishments, to revert to its original inertia as soon as the smart is healed, I feel that when the worst is over, these books will have a greater value than ever before.
  • helmet But looking up to the castle windows, Gareth saw the Lady Liones gazing earnestly upon him; then he caught up his helmet, and calling to the Red Knight, bade him make ready for the battle; "And this time," said he, "we will make an end of it."
  • Calmed Cerizet had not calmed down so suddenly without reasons.
  • Flamed "Why, here comes Lord Probus," she said, in a lower tone of voice, while the hot blood flamed up into her pale cheeks in a moment.
  • Haled He neuer feasted amonge hys flocke, but as Comedies be wont to haue a mery endyng, so contrary when they had eaten theyr meat, one or other was haled oute to be beaten wyth roddes: and sometime he raged against them that had deserued nothynge, euen because they shuld be accustumed to stripes.
  • Haloed And all that strange unearthly multitude Seemed twisted in vast seething companies, That evermore with hoarse and terrible cries And desperate encounter at mad feud Plunged onward, each in its implacable mood Borne down over the trampled blazonries Of other faiths and other phantasies, Each following furiously, and each pursued; So sped they on with tumult vast and grim, But ever meseemed beyond them I could see White-haloed groups that sought perpetually The figure of one crowned and sacrificed; And faint, far forward, floating tall and dim, The banner of our Lord and Master, Christ.
  • Halved The sills are generally 3 inches by 8 inches, halved at the ends or corners, and nailed together with large nails.
  • Hauled They soon found it was not a fox, and Kicq and Callens were hauled out.
  • Hemmed It had two skirts, I believe, but they were plain-hemmed, and fell like a mist about her figure.
  • Hulled Farther out, and tugging fretfully in the yellow current, were the aliens of the blue seas, high-hulled, their tracery of masts and spars shimmering in the heat: a full-rigged ocean packet from Spain, a barque and brigantine from the West Indies, a rakish slaver from Africa with her water-line dry, discharged but yesterday of a teeming horror of freight.
  • Hummed And as Ester rested for a moment in the arm-chair on the piazza, and watched her little brother and sister move briskly off, she hummed again those two lines that had been making unconscious music in her heart all day: "Content to fill a little space If Thou be glorified."
  • Lammed
  • Lamed
  • Palmed
  • Whelmed
  • hailed With these words the girl on the balcony loudly clapped her hands; and as the sculptor hailed her in return, and shouted: "And you are little Arsinoe, eternal gods!
  • hammed
  • homed
  • holed