What is the correct spelling for HAMACK?

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Correct spellings for HAMACK

  • hack And the determined look in her eyes deepened when the "deepoe hack " turned the familiar corner and she saw Penrod running to the gate, followed by Duke.
  • hallmark A success or a failure he might become, as the world judges, but until the end he would be too large for that littleness which is too often a hallmark of success, the littleness of petty vanity.
  • ham The last reference to Ophelia's supposed relation to the King occurs when Polonius comes to announce the presence of the players: "Ham.
  • haman But-" the old man's voice hardened-"if Nathan Falk ever again sets foot on American soil he'll hang higher than ever Haman hung, if I have to build the gallows with my own two hands, Mr. Hamlin-ay, he or any man of his crew.
  • hammock Having spent some time with Larry, who was ordered to remain in his hammock , I returned to the midshipmen's berth.
  • hark "Just hark at him," cried Josh.
  • hawk Look, I believe that's a hawk .
  • heck "By heck , there's no room in the attic for trunks," he had insisted.
  • hick Call her a hick if you like.
  • hijack The core gameplay remains the same as the first Assault Heroes, but the player now has the ability to hijack enemy units, allowing players to man such vehicles as tanks and helicopters.
  • hock Sherry led off the parade pace, Hock the trot into the merry canter, Champagne the racing gallop, Burgundy the grand trial of constitutional endurance for the enforced finish.
  • homage He kissed her hand in homage as he replied, "A joy like this is almost as hard to comprehend at first as an equally great sorrow.
  • huck It was to have two parts-Huck and Tom in youth, and then their return in old age.
  • hummock At first as they approached, she could see only the tops of their heads from over a slight ridge of the grassy hill's broad hummock .
  • lamarck Lamarck had worked out a theory of descent in the fullest detail, and regarded it as the foundation of the whole science of biology.
  • mac "Make him a partner, Mac ?
  • mack Mack, say you love me still!
  • mark A seat in 'ere'll be about my mark - that is, if the coppers'll let me be.
  • mock "Then I think I should prefer to remain neutral," said Mrs. Pasmer, with a mock prudence which pleased the young men.
  • muck But presently they fell into a swamp, and, what was worse, into the hands of their officers; and the great expedition ended in muck and mire.
  • smack He would roll his eyes and smack his lips in the utmost enjoyment.
  • hammocks The doctor, finding that we did not require much of his assistance, attended to Larry and the other men, who appeared far more knocked up than we were, and they were at once sent to their hammocks .
  • rotters I have got accustomed to hear you talking about men as rotters , and calling everything filthy and beastly; though I do think it horrible and unladylike.

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