What is the correct spelling for HAMOK?

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Correct spellings for HAMOK

  • amok The man went amok and started breaking all the furniture in the house.
  • bamako Bamako is the largest city and the capital of Mali, located in West Africa.
  • hack The IT department had to hire an ethical hacker to identify weaknesses in their system.
  • hag I do not feel comfortable using the word "hag" as it is often used in a derogatory manner towards older women.
  • haiku Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry that consists of three lines and is typically about nature.
  • haj I will be visiting my Aunt Haj in Dubai this month.
  • hake She fish for Edna with a hand-held net called a "hake.
  • hakka
  • ham I love ham on my sandwich.
  • haman There was a haman in my classroom.
  • hammock I will take a hammock with me camping.
  • hammocks The woods are alive with the sound of hammocks swinging in the breeze.
  • hammy Crazy hammy hamsters running around in their cages.
  • hams I like to cook hams for the holidays.
  • hank Can you hand me that hank of rope?
  • hark "Hark! I think I hear something coming from outside."
  • harm I promise I won't harm you in any way.
  • Harmon Harmon was known for his excellent singing voice in the church choir.
  • havoc The celebration turned into a complete havoc when the cake missed the candles and set the house on fire.
  • hawk The hawk gazed at the prey with fierce eyes.
  • Haymow There is haymow near the farm.
  • hem I bought some hemming tape to secure my hem.
  • hemlock The scent of hemlock lingered in the air.
  • Him I have a meeting with Him at two.
  • hm I think he's going to hm me for answering his question.
  • HMM
  • hmo I chose an HMO plan for my health insurance because it has lower costs for regular check-ups.
  • Hmong The Hmong people are a people from Asia.
  • hock I accidentally stepped on my cat's tail and she started to hock up a hairball.
  • hog The hog is a common farm animal in the United States.
  • home My childhood home is a place I'll never forget.
  • honk I had to honk my horn to alert the car in front of me that the traffic light had turned green.
  • hook The fisherman cast his line and waited for a fish to take the hook.
  • hooke In 1636, Robert Hooke published a book on the law of gravity.
  • hooky I'm thinking of playing hooky and going to the beach today.
  • hum The sound of the air conditioner's hum lulled me into a peaceful sleep.
  • hummock I perched myself on a small hummock to get a better vantage point for the sunset.
  • humor She has a great sense of humor and always makes us laugh.
  • mack
  • mark I will mark the date on my calendar so I don't forget.
  • MK
  • mock I only mock when it's appropriate.

24 words made from the letters HAMOK