What is the correct spelling for HAPENN?

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Correct spellings for HAPENN

  • cheapen The city treasury must have often incurred a loss in striving to provide corn and oil for the citizens at a limited price, and the authorities were often reviled, as at Trimalchio's banquet, for not doing more to cheapen the necessaries of life.
  • hahn Another revealed that Manderson, on the first news of the Hahn crash, had arranged to abandon his holiday and return home by the Lusitania; but that he soon had the situation so well in hand that he had determined to remain where he was.
  • hairpin If it is let alone, it will keep the ear canal clean and healthy; but some people imagine that, because it looks yellowish, it must be dirt; and consequently, from mistaken ideas of cleanliness, they work at it with the end of the finger, the corner of a towel, or even with a hairpin , an ear-spoon, or an ear-pick, and in this way stop the proper flow of the wax and make it dry and block up the ear.
  • han Gon Han Me was very proud of his title, as many other vain people have been proud of titles they never earned, but it came near costing him his life, and this was the way it led him into great danger.
  • hap 3434. What was the price of the hap -shawls which you made?
  • happen Still, something may happen to you.
  • happening What was happening passed entirely beyond their understanding.
  • happy Isn't that enough to make me happy for one day at least?
  • harden But of all the Border reivers whose names have been handed down in song and story, none is regarded with more kindly, we might almost say affectionate interest, than that of "Auld Wat of Harden ."
  • harper It was read by John Harper in my hearing.
  • harpoon It was Niels Andersen who taught me the management of the harpoon ; he showed me how you should fix the knee of the right leg against the gun-whale of the boat when launching the harpoon , and how with the left leg you launch a vigorous kick at the imbecile sailor who don’t pay out quickly enough the rope attached to the harpoon .
  • hatpin We also borrowed Aunt Ailsa's hatpin with the Persian coin on the end.
  • haven Rosalind feels no doubt on that point, the more so that the little passage about Sally's name has landed her at some haven of the doctor's confidence that neither knows the name of just yet.
  • heaped Burrell heaped on more wood and stretched out beside her.
  • heaven He had got her to himself at last-here, high above the world, half-way to heaven .
  • hempen The rope turned and twisted like a snake, a loop of it wound around the Elephant's neck, and a moment later he felt himself being lifted off the barn floor in the hempen coils.
  • hen That fellow at the Forks has no more sense than a hen .
  • henna It was about the first hour after noon that the beautiful Babe-bi-bobu, suddenly rising from her recumbent attitude, clapped her pretty little hands, the fingers of which were beautifully tipped with henna , and beckoning to her attendants, retired gracefully from the hall of audience.
  • hope And we don't wish him to have any hope .
  • hype But I'ma make history as I get hype Drop a science that'll damage that stereotype – Poison Freestyle by J.T. Money & The Poison Clan
  • hyphen
  • open I, I'll lay low, leaving all my options open The, the decision of the jury has not been spoken – All Rise by blue
  • paean
  • peen It vos peen so long alretty yet since I haf seen a scrap dot I don'd know vot it vos.
  • pen Such is my own belief and trust; This hand, this hand that holds the pen, Has many a hundred times been dust And turned, as dust, to dust again; – A Creed by John Masefield
  • penn
  • penny Miss Penny , will you help me?"
  • peon He went to give orders for a peon to attend the ladies and their equipage the next day.
  • sharpen "The observation concerning 'heavy hours,' and the want of elasticity in the intellectual faculties of men of letters, when the mind is fatigued and the attention blunted by incessant labour, reminds us of what is related by persons who were acquainted with the late sagacious magistrate Sir John Fielding; who, when fatigued with attending to complicated cases, and perplexed with discordant depositions, used to retire to a little closet in a remote and tranquil part of the house, to rest his mental powers and sharpen perception.
  • Happened I believe it just happened.
  • Harped She harped with pride on the baser strain.
  • Harping Still harping on his daughter.
  • Heaping So he went on heaping money and extending acres, and planting and improving and building and hoping and anticipating, for one at whose very feet the grave was already dug!
  • Hoping I called to Bracewell and my brother, hoping that if we could get nearer before the creature moved away, we might shoot it.
  • Penna 29. For La Salle's estimate of amount and kind of goods needed for a post, and the profits thereon, see Penna .
  • Hayden Mr. Hayden began to talk very solemnly-almost like preaching.
  • Hanna The interior is one of the utmost taste and luxury, and the house is now occupied by Judge and Mrs. Hanna , who are the editors of The Christian Science Journal, a monthly publication, and to whose courtesy I am much indebted for some of the data of this paper.
  • happens "That's what I should do, 'Lida," she said, "to-night, every night along about eight, till it happens .
  • PENA
  • Haney Marshal Haney has recommended you-and I know your record as a daring man.
  • in-flexibly

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