What is the correct spelling for HATITY?

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Correct spellings for HATITY

  • deity They will own no superior power or authority of any kind-employer, ruler, deity , or law.
  • ditty The one's Nancy Curds, and the other Hanna Jenniting: Ditty and Jenniting are agreed already ...
  • dotty Before answering Dotty , the poor mother had to call to mind all the good things the child had ever said or done, and fancy how dreadful it would be to lose her.
  • fatuity So Lucille sang from musical height to height and her husband sped from depth to depth in the seas of human fatuity .
  • habit The habit grows upon us of expecting rather to get good than to do good.
  • habitat His habitat in the winter or rainy season is the dark, gloomy, and thick forests of fir and cedar trees.
  • haft Through his big lenses the coroner gazed curiously at the bronze haft protruding from the dead man's chest.
  • haida Not far off was the tidy little hamlet of Haida .
  • haiti Of the latter there were in Cuba twenty-nine; in Haiti five, as near as can be now ascertained.
  • halite
  • halt About noon, when the heat became the greatest, it was necessary to halt .
  • hardy Hardy is a great favourite with birds; they prefer and peck the best fruit.
  • hart Mrs Ernest Hart , in "Picturesque Burmah," describes them in a most interesting chapter.
  • harte Similarly take some of the instances of self-sacrifice by the common people which Bret Harte and O. Henry delighted in depicting.
  • hasty A shout of approval went up, and the crowd paused in its hasty flight.
  • hat Not even my new suit and hat can make me forget that.
  • hate How I hate them!
  • hated How you must have hated me!
  • hater He had the reputation of being a woman-hater, and accordingly all the young married women thought him excessively interesting.
  • hatted The new Provisional Government was like most governments of the kind, frock-coated, silk-hatted, kid-gloved politicians with extensive vocabularies and limited business experience.
  • hatter When he recovered, under the drover's kind and wise treatment the hatter mood had left him for a time.
  • haughty Too haughty for second-rate society, and unknown to those who form the first class at Paris, she never goes out.
  • heartily Leo and Mart rejoined the circus at a place called Wheatlands, and their friends were heartily glad to see them back, safe and sound.
  • hearty There must be a hearty and immediate recognition of the speaker's truth and power.
  • heated The talk was growing heated , and she hated to listen to excited arguments; yet she gazed and listened with fascinated attention.
  • hematite In the north of the State, about six miles from Portland, at a place called Oswego, on the Willamette, very rich deposits of brown hematite iron-ore have been discovered, and have for a few years been worked.
  • hittite On one return voyage, the whole crew had set itself to the study of Hittite with very creditable results.
  • http
  • satiety The men whom he wishes to save are masters of great households, living in stately palaces, and striving to escape from the weariness of satiety by visits to Baiae or Praeneste.
  • tahiti In Tahiti , a school of native Christian Missionaries.
  • tatty
  • tidy
  • tito Been reading Romola yesterday afternoon, last night, and this morning; at last I came upon the only passage which has thus far hit me with force-Tito compromising with his conscience, and resolving to do; not a bad thing, but not the best thing.
  • Hast Hast thou forgot thine old friend?
  • Hating You oughtn't to go on hating your enemies after you've got the better of them.
  • Hatting 23d the colonists were prohibited from exporting hats and hatters were limited to a specific number of apprentices-"that hatting may be better encouraged in Great Britain."
  • Hattie To Hattie that stare was beautiful, and in a way it was.
  • Hettie That one fact nearly killed Hettie .
  • hats The making of hats was almost entirely suppressed.
  • hits Sinclair right now is camping somewhere in the hills near Sour Creek, waiting for things to quiet down before he hits the out-trail with this Gaspar."
  • HIT But after the long silence she really hit them."
  • hadn't If it hadn't been for Harry I guess you'd have been waiting yet.
  • tarty
  • algidities

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