What is the correct spelling for HAV?

If you've accidentally misspelled "hav", fear not! There are a few possible correct suggestions to consider. "Have" is the most likely intended word. Another possible replacement could be "haven", meaning a safe place. Double-checking your spelling will help ensure your message is conveyed accurately.

Correct spellings for HAV

  • av
  • ha Ha! You thought you could beat me at chess.
  • Had She had to cancel her plans because she wasn't feeling well.
  • hag The old hag lived alone in the forest, feared by nearby villagers.
  • haj
  • Hal I have a Hal.
  • ham I can't believe I ate at that ham restaurant.
  • han Yesterday, I ate at a restaurant called "Han".
  • hap
  • Has Tom has a cat.
  • hat I bought a new hat for the party.
  • have I have to finish my homework by tonight.
  • haw The cowboy yelled "haw!" to signal the horse to turn left.
  • hay The hay in the feeder is getting old.
  • hiv HIV is spread through sexual contact, blood transfusions, sharing needles and from mother to child during pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding.
  • HOV The HOV lane on the freeway is always congested.
  • lav