What is the correct spelling for HAV'NT?

The correct spelling for "hav'nt" is "haven't". It is a contraction of "have not". To avoid this misspelling, it helps to remember that "hav" should be spelled as "have" and the contraction requires an apostrophe between "ha" and "ve".

Correct spellings for HAV'NT

  • haunt The memory of her lost love continued to haunt her for many years.
  • havana I've always wanted to visit Havana, Cuba to experience its vibrant culture and architecture.
  • haven After a long day of work, I look forward to coming home and curling up in my cozy haven.
  • haven't I haven't seen my best friend in a year.
  • havens Havens can provide refuge and safety during a storm.
  • Having Having a clear plan of action can greatly improve your chances of success.
  • savant He was considered a savant in the field of mathematics.