What is the correct spelling for HAV4E?

If you accidentally misspell "hav4e", fret not, as there are a couple of correct alternatives. The most obvious fix is to replace the "4" with an "e", resulting in the correct word "have". Alternatively, you could go for "haver", an archaic term meaning "one who harvests" or "possessor".

Correct spellings for HAV4E

  • Ave The school's alma mater begins with the phrase "Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, Ave Maria".
  • cave The explorers decided to venture deeper into the dark cave.
  • Dave Dave is my neighbor and we often walk our dogs together.
  • EAVE The bird made its nest on the eave of the roof.
  • FAVE My fave thing to do on the weekends is binge-watch my favorite shows.
  • Gave I gave my friend a birthday present last week.
  • hake I'm going to the store to get some spam hake.
  • hale Despite her advanced age, the hale and hearty grandmother always kept up with her young grandchildren.
  • halve Can you halve this apple pie so we can share it?
  • hare The hare was too quick for the fox.
  • hate I hate doing my homework.
  • have I have two dogs and a cat as pets.
  • havel Havel was a small town in central Bohemia.
  • haven In the haven of the boat, we found peace.
  • haves The haves in our society continue to grow richer while the have-nots struggle to make ends meet.
  • haze The haze was so thick, it was difficult to see anything.
  • heave
  • hive We were touring the hive when we saw the queen.
  • Hove He looked out over the crashing waves, watching as the small boats hove into view.
  • lave
  • nave The nave is the central aisle of a church.
  • pave The workers are going to pave the road tomorrow.
  • rave The young woman couldn't wait to attend her first rave party with her friends.
  • save Please save my file before you delete it.
  • shave I need to shave my beard before going to work.
  • wave Don't throw that wave in my direction.