What is the correct spelling for HAVCE?

If you find yourself unintentionally typing "havce" instead of "have", worry not! Here are a few alternative suggestions to help you correct your spelling: "have", "halve" or "havoc". Remember to proofread your work to ensure your text is error-free and conveys the intended meaning accurately.

Correct spellings for HAVCE

  • face He couldn't help but smile when he saw the surprised look on her face.
  • have I have been studying for my upcoming exams all week.
  • havel I enjoyed hiking in the Havel Forest.
  • haven Noah found a new haven in the arms of his wife, Lizzy.
  • haves The haves of society often have privileges and advantages that the have-nots do not.
  • havoc The storm caused havoc in the town.
  • haze There was a haze over the city that left it looking almost like a dream.
  • heave I had to heave the heavy box onto the top shelf of the closet.
  • hive The bees filled the hive with honey.
  • Hove I once hove a rock across the pond.