What is the correct spelling for HAVEM?

If you meant to type "haven", a possible correct suggestion would be to add an 'n' at the end. "Haven" refers to a place of safety or refuge. However, if you intended to write "have", no correction is required, as it is a commonly used verb indicating possession or obligation.

Correct spellings for HAVEM

  • ham I'm allergic to ham so I had to opt for a turkey sandwich instead.
  • harlem Harlem is a neighborhood in the northern section of New York City.
  • harm I didn't mean to cause any harm, I was just trying to help.
  • harvey Harvey is a popular name for boys in the United States.
  • have I have done my best to finish this task.
  • havel During the fall, the trees in the forest change color to show their havel season.
  • haven I found a haven of tranquility in the forest.
  • haves The haves are getting richer and the have-nots are getting poorer.
  • havoc After the storm there was a lot of havoc to clean up.
  • heave After a long day of strenuous work, the exhausted laborers lifted their shovels with a heave and trudged back to their dwellings.
  • heaved She heaved a heavy sigh, knowing that her work was far from over.
  • heaven He looked up at the sky and felt as though he was gazing directly into the gates of heaven.
  • heaver
  • heaves The heaves of the people made it difficult for the soldiers to move forward.
  • hem She had to hem the edge of the shirt before it was ready to wear.
  • hive The bees are busy building their hive in the tree.
  • Hived The honey bee colony was hived in the beehive.
  • hives One of my clients had hives all over her skin.
  • Hove She Hove herself out of bed and began getting dressed.
  • hovel He lived in a small, dilapidated hovel.
  • hover The helicopter began to hover above the landing pad, preparing for its descent.