What is the correct spelling for HAWIE?

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Correct spellings for HAWIE

  • awe Never had Opechanchanough and his men experienced such an awe of the unknown.
  • bowie He took his bowie -knife while the crowd turned to take a drink, and cut the date from the wall; and the only record, perhaps, of the first marriage in the Sierras was no more.
  • ha Sooner or later he’d ha ’ been on the grill, anyhow.
  • hail "Hail, sov'reign love, that first began The scheme to rescue fallen man!
  • hair Mary Wilson shook back her hair .
  • hake Them hake have been having a nice game wi' the fish to-night.
  • hale He was a large, stout man, somewhat advanced in life, but hale and hearty.
  • hare Only she wants to run with the hare and explain to the hounds when they come up....
  • harte And sicke that they assured bee Ehche toe another in harte That nothinge shall them seperate Untylle deathe doe them parte?
  • hate It was now that Doggie began to hate himself.
  • have 9240. Have you got it now?
  • haw The organ began, and the choir sang, as near as I could understand, as follows: Oo-aw-gee-bah Ah-me-la-he O-pah-sah-dah Wo-haw-gee-e-e-e.
  • hawaii We're flying to Hawaii .
  • hawk Reddy had been hunting for his breakfast some distance away on the Green Meadows when Redtail the Hawk had tried so hard to catch Danny Meadow Mouse.
  • hawker After that event was over, Graham continued the calling of hawker and chapman, at the same time becoming the author of a number of chap-books.
  • hawser Their object, we found, was to tow us close enough to receive a hawser on board.
  • hay It is now rising, but he has no more old hay to part with, and the new is not yet made.
  • haywire The engine hood had the sides removed to let more air through, and the top part of the hood was tied on with haywire .
  • haze Through the east window you see the line of low cliffs with the woods above till they melt into a green plain that stretches off into vagueness towards the haze of Thiessow.
  • he He thinks he would make a splendid engineer.
  • hew Don't look like that, Hew .
  • hewer He was not only a hewer of wood, but often a bearer of wood as well as of water.
  • hi They just say, "Hi, Piggy."
  • hide Let me hide my face.
  • hie I'll hie me forth the world to see!
  • hike And then we came to the end of about the very worst and longest hike I ever took including the time the Queen of the Island Company got stranded in New Rochelle.
  • hire 9856. What boat hire do you pay?
  • hive I took it from that hive over there last evening, and they've been working all day as if they had had new life given them.
  • hoagie
  • how 14,892. How do you know that?
  • howe Howe was manifestly disappointed and he said to Lancaster: "I will offer this: You may choose any three from the lawyers present, and we will re-argue the question and I will agree to abide by their decision."
  • hue His color changed rapidly till it was the same general hue as his surroundings, so that, when he lay quiet and shut his bright eyes in one of his numerous hollows, it was almost impossible to find him.
  • vie Ay, Harry, I tell you, in all defiance, that your proudest could not vie with her!
  • wee Peter hesitated and looked a wee bit foolish.
  • wei She was restraining the impatience of a powerful horse and controlling its movements by means of a leather thong, while at the same time she surveyed the landscape with a disinterested glance in which Wei Chang found himself becoming involved.
  • wi What's th' matther wi th' invintor?
  • woe She proceeded with her tale of woe .
  • Hawed At every repetition the crows hawed in applause.
  • Hawing Certain it is that, whenever a crow makes any unusual sounds, there are always several more about, hawing vigorously, yet seeming to listen attentively.
  • Hied Then I went up to my room, got out my gayest raiment without shame or compunction, dressed with especial regard for lively effects, and hied me forth to carry sunshine into the uttermost recesses of my castle.
  • We Are we going to-keep house?
  • Hallie "I allers did say that when Hallie got merried, or died, things should be done right.
  • Haws Hags or aggarts, haws.
  • Hattie "I don't seem to recall any one chaperoning you and Hattie when you were thirty," he suggested thoughtfully.
  • Hui She took to her spinning-wheel and loom again-true enough, she was even quicker and neater than before-a trifle too quick-hui!
  • WII You and I make Nintendo Wii Will together be – Yuri the Only One by Leetstreet Boys
  • WWI
  • HWY Hwy can't you tell a raisonable lie when you're about it?
  • HIES 2 At buchts, in the morning, nae blithe lads are scorning, The lasses are lonely, and dowie, and wae; Nae daffin', nae gabbin', but sighing and sabbing, Ilk ane lifts her leglen and hies her away.
  • Hague So has Mr. Rohscheimer, and so has Baron Hague !
  • hewed They live on the little farms that their fathers literally hewed out of a resisting wilderness.
  • unstriking

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