What is the correct spelling for HDA?

If you're looking for the right spelling for "hda", it may have been a typo for words like "had", "head" or "hand". Check the context and intended meaning to identify the correct spelling. If it is an acronym or a specialized term, consider researching options specific to the subject matter.

Correct spellings for HDA

  • ada
  • da I couldn't understand his accent, so I asked him to repeat himself, and he said "da" again.
  • fda The FDA's recent approval of the COVID-19 vaccine has brought hope to millions of people around the world.
  • ha I didn't hear what you said, could you say it again? Ha, just kidding, I heard you.
  • ida
  • RDA It's recommended that you shoot for an RDA of 25 Watts.

2 words made from the letters HDA

  • 3 letter words made from HDA:

    adh, dah.