What is the correct spelling for HEAERING?

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Correct spellings for HEAERING

  • bearing He arrived in time to see Monsieur Roger and Albert, who were bearing Paul with them.
  • cheering I'd an idea you wanted cheering up-and I felt a little like that myself.
  • earring The gold earring is the most coveted, but a few silver and many copper rings are worn in substitution for the gold.
  • gearing They attached small wheels about four feet in diameter to the sides of their ships; the passage of the water turned the wheels, and a very simple gearing was arranged which threw a pebble into a tallypot at each revolution.
  • heading Your repair kit needs additions when applied to mountain trips, but that question will come up under another heading.
  • healing Illustrations of faith-healing occasionally arise, but are not always reliable, nor are such cures limited to those who profess faith in Jesus.
  • hearing Don Luis started on hearing himself addressed.
  • heating Two well-beaten eggs may be added to the cabbage before heating; or, chop fine and fry brown in butter, seasoning with salt, pepper, and vinegar.
  • heaving Robert Carlton stood with folded arms heaving on his chest.
  • herein Herein lay the whole difficulty: Glory Goldie had taken a violent dislike to her father.
  • herring A woman has a fine scent for a title; a coronet is like a red herring.
  • jeering There was a jeering note in his voice that touched Dick's pride.
  • leering Faster and wilder moved the dance, thicker and yellower whirled the smoke-wreaths, and the six faces sped dizzily round the table, until it seemed to Yellow-cap as if he were encircled by a great ring of face, with one broad nose, one endless grinning mouth, and a single leering eye in the forehead.
  • rearing "But we assure you that-" "It don't make no difference," stated the woman, rearing her head until her long chin pointed straight at them.
  • shearing As each left the widening gap the other came shearing down.
  • tearing The roar was followed by a tearing sound and a noise of struggle.
  • veering There was a roar, and a car came from the opposite direction, veering away from the road's edge.
  • wearing The wearing of either is a matter of taste.
  • Fearing Fearing however that the bull would escape, I took the best aim I could, fired, and wounded it.
  • Heaping Beat hard and add enough sifted flour to make a good batter-probably about a heaping tablespoonful.
  • Heeding We called him back, thinking, probably, that the man was not alone, and that our black follower would fall a victim to his intrepidity; but, without heeding us, he dashed forward, and as soon as Bracewell had reloaded, we followed him.
  • Heeling Straight to Mead's desk strode the new arrival, tearing off his shabby coat as he went, Mead heeling.
  • Hiring First, however, she had wheedled the captain into hiring tutors and music masters for her, and she profited vastly by their teachings.
  • Hovering Then the face of the English officer appeared for his eyes-hovering back of the people, in a background of mountains.
  • Nearing We were nearing the frigate.
  • Peering He saw that it was the same face he had beheld peering into the lodge at the moment he regained consciousness.
  • Searing But that is the condition of public life-its hot and searing blaze puts out the lights of all lesser but not unholier affections.
  • Sheering "No," said the man, sheering off.
  • Hearings A great deal of discussion has taken place upon the wisdom of having two separate hearings before the private committees of the two Houses.
  • haring
  • doeth top head
  • getting beam