What is the correct spelling for HEAVNS?

If you've mistakenly typed "heavns" instead of "heavens", worry not! Autocorrect might save the day, so please ensure it is turned on. Another option is to use online grammar and spell-check tools, which can promptly highlight and suggest the correct spelling.

Correct spellings for HEAVNS

  • Hans Hans is a talented musician and can play several instruments.
  • havens The islands act as havens for many species of rare birds.
  • haves The haves and have-nots are divided by a vast difference in wealth.
  • heaven She believed that her grandmother was in heaven watching over her.
  • heavens The heavens are a beautiful and awe-inspiring sight on a clear night.
  • heavers I have a few heavers that I'm going to give to my son.
  • heaves She heaves a heavy sigh as she looks at the pile of dirty dishes in the sink.
  • heavies The heavies have been assigned to carry the equipment.
  • heaving She came back after running, heaving with exhaustion.