What is the correct spelling for HEBEAS?

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Correct spellings for HEBEAS

  • baas "Keep your money and the portrait both, Baas Cogez," he said, simply.
  • bias It is not in the least to be desired that American history should be written with a pro-English bias , and, as I have said, I do not find the anti-English bias , even in inferior text-books, so excessive as it is sometimes represented to be.
  • heaps So, to feed the bear, meat was piled up in heaps for his delight.
  • hebe Not so tall as Madeline, and rounded and dimpled as a Hebe .
  • hebrews I consider from my own experience, and from what I hear from others, that we are very much like the Hebrews of Egypt,-very much burdened down with many things, and not able to bear our burdens.
  • hess In Millton Lulu's inquiry for the Hess House produced no consternation.
  • hobbes The Tales of John Oliver Hobbes .
  • hobbs "The 'murex' contains a dye of miraculous beauty; and this once extracted and bottled, Hobbs , Nobbs, and Co.
  • thebes We have heard already of ancient inscriptions at Rhodes, Thebes , and Gades.
  • Beaus He idealizes his beaus and then devalues them.
  • Boas Boas, Oxford, 1900. Kynaston, Sir Francis, Poems of.
  • Has Has Mr. Fulkerson said anything yet?"
  • Hers His face was white, but not as white as hers.
  • Hobbies Aron, long used to such confinements, settled down and began reading some of the great mass of books which he had brought, or working painstakingly on hobbies.
  • Hobos You can't get a free ride now on a C.P. freight" "The rules apply to hobos.
  • Bess Sometimes they're cross, and it's dreadful for poor Bess .
  • Hebert She even forced her way up to Hebert .
  • Bears "Your mother is not so strong as she was, though she bears up bravely; but your poor father has greatly changed.
  • Beers One was sick, one had pleaded a long-delayed vacation, two had business for the concern which took them into different quarters of the city, and Mr. Beers , who was next in authority to Mr. Fellows, had been summoned to serve on the grand jury.
  • Bees To begin with, bees are incessantly working, each at a different trade.
  • heads "The sun had set and the moon was rising over our heads .
  • herbs Then she kissed him, and bound up his wounds with healing herbs ; and to look at her all that day, and for many days after, was better to him than all the hunting the king's forest could provide.
  • hoes We have little difficulty in distinguishing from one another rakes, hoes , plows and harrows, shovels and spades.
  • hubs My battery is toilin' along, sand to the hubs of gun-carriages an' caissons, when I sees the mules p'int their y'ears for'ard with looks of happy surprise.
  • hears Then she hears Winston Bartlett's voice again.
  • heeds The fragrance of the flowers and the sun's hot glow have confused her senses, but she heeds not that.
  • heels He moved so abruptly as he followed close on the heels of Mr. Dainopoulos that the latter looked at him in inquiry, and thought a remark was necessary.
  • heats Richard could have boasted his Markham blood had he chosen, and the white heats to which that was capable of being roused; but he was too utterly broken to feel more than a passing flash of resentment for anything which had yet been said, and after a moment's thought, during which he was considering the propriety of showing Mrs. Van Buren what Ethie had written of Frank, he held the letter to her, saying, "She left this.
  • hues There you will behold all those hues most distinguished in nature-the blue of the sky-the gold scattered by the sun-the radiance of the rose.
  • heals "Ah, but your heart heals well!
  • HaaS Fine fellow, Mark Haas !
  • HES "'The Lord heard ma prayer, and joy hes come in the mornin', an' she gripped the doctor's hand.
  • HEB Darius may have borrowed the name from Egypt, where such titles as "the 2 eyes of the king for Upper Egypt, the 2 ears of the king for Lower Egypt" are to be found on the earlier monuments, for instance in the tomb of Amen en, heb at Abd el Qurnah.
  • HEWS And swift has he flown at the foe- For the clustering clans are here,- But light is the club and weak is the bow To the Norseman sword and spear: "And-woe to the patriot Manx, The right overthrown by the wrong,- For the sword hews hard at the staggering ranks, And the spear drives deep and strong: And Orry the Dane stands proud King of the bloodstained field, Lifted on high by the shouldering crowd On the battered boss of his shield!
  • HIES He soon brings word that Mena is the name, An auction-crier, poor, but without blame, One who can work or idle, get or spend, Who loves his home and likes to see a friend, Enjoys the circus, and when work's got through, Hies to the field, and does as others do.
  • HOBS It has been observed that the threads upon tools alter in pitch from the hardening operation, and this is an objection to the employment of chasers cut from hobs.
  • hubbies
  • hewers Oh that we-we, the hewers of wood and drawers of water-had been swept away, so that the proud might learn what the world would be without us!
  • phoebes The edge of the wood, just mentioned, was populous with them: robins, bluebirds, chickadees, fox sparrows, snow-birds, song sparrows, tree sparrows, phoebes , a golden-winged woodpecker, and a rusty blackbird.
  • uncomplicate
  • all-firedest
  • disenablement
  • disenthrones
  • exprobated
  • in-vestment

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