What is the correct spelling for HEI?

If you're prone to misspelling "hei", here are some helpful suggestions. You might be referring to the French expression "hey", meaning "there". Alternatively, you could mean "heir", signifying someone who inherits property. Or you may intend to write "high", describing something tall or elevated. Keep these options in mind to prevent spelling errors!

Correct spellings for HEI

  • he He was excited to start his new job.
  • HEB
  • heir The eldest son was named the rightful heir to the family fortune.
  • hem
  • hen The hen has laid several eggs in her nest.
  • hep
  • Her I think her shirt is revealing.
  • HES
  • hew I cut my finger on the blade of the hew.
  • hex The hex was not happy.
  • Hey Hey, what do you want to eat for dinner tonight?
  • hi Hi, would you like to grab lunch with me today?
  • Hui The hui holds ceremonies where members share stories and offer advice to one another.
  • lei When visiting Hawaii, it is customary to give a lei as a gift to show respect and welcome.
  • pei
  • wei