What is the correct spelling for HEIGTS?

If you accidentally type "heigts" instead of "heights", worry not! Auto-correct might save you, but it's good to know the correct spelling. The suggestions could include "heights", "hights" or "highs". Remember to double-check to ensure your work is accurate and error-free!

Correct spellings for HEIGTS

  • hearts
  • heats
  • hedges The hedges have been planted to keep the property in shape.
  • hefts The hefts on the ax felt good in my hand.
  • heights She was afraid of heights, but managed to climb to the top of the mountain.
  • heists The film is full of heists.
  • hilts The sword's hilts were intricately decorated with gold and jewels.
  • hints She dropped subtle hints about her birthday but no one seemed to notice.
  • hits The tennis player's powerful hits helped him win the match.
  • hoists The construction worker hoists heavy building materials using a crane.