What is the correct spelling for HEILA?

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Correct spellings for HEILA

  • gila
  • hail Huge fragments vaulted like rebounding hail, Or chaffy grain beneath the thresher's flail : – Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  • hale
  • hall Down to the servants' hall, for one minute, madame.
  • halo But I saw no form of any person; only a halo of glory hovering near me indicated the place of the invisible being.
  • haul What a haul for Tournefort!
  • heal "O Father," he prayed, "heal this man of his suffering, in order that he may know thy truth and enter thy Kingdom."
  • healer Because the majority of our legislature, representing, I suppose, the majority of the public, believe in the "natural bone-setter," the herb doctor, the root doctor, the old woman who brews a decoction of swamp medicine, the "natural gift" of some dabbler in diseases, the magnetic healer, the faith cure, the mind cure, the Christian Science cure, the efficacy of a prescription rapped out on a table by some hysterical medium,-in anything but sound knowledge, education in scientific methods, steadied by a sense of public responsibility.
  • heel Then slowly, very slowly, the M. N. 1 began to heel over.
  • heir At work and at play the heir to the throne and I won every prize.
  • held It was so, and this was what it held for me."
  • heller Say, she's a heller, ain't she?
  • hello Hello, Phil, old boy!
  • helm Yet his circumstances were not altogether like Phocion's, who came to the helm when the ship of the state was just upon sinking.
  • help Let me help you-see what I can do!
  • hera This time, however, not a few remained behind, curiously watching a beautifully-built Samian ship, the Okeia, with a long prow like a swan's neck, on the front of which a likeness of the goddess Hera was conspicuous.
  • hill The sun had just come up over the hill.
  • hilly The accident is most likely to occur among cattle on very hilly pastures.
  • hilt Though the British Constitution is as far from perfection, as the glory of the ring and the hilt is from that of the sun which causes it, or the stars from the day; yet perhaps it stands higher in the scale of excellence, than that of its neighbours.
  • holy They came into the sitting-room from the flowers on the battlements, and met the ones from the flowers inside the room, and almost, thought Mrs. Wilkins, could be seen greeting each other with a holy kiss.
  • howl A howl of pain, hoarse with anger, rent the air, and the face vanished....
  • hula
  • hull
  • hurl
  • veil
  • vela
  • vila
  • Hal 8vo, cloth, $1.25. Prince Hal; or, The Romance of a Rich Young Man.
  • Neil
  • Celia "Celia," he asked at last, "do you think she-she had any feeling about him?"
  • Delia
  • Ella
  • Helga
  • Hilda Will Hilda talk to him all night!
  • Ila 183. From Augila at a distance again of ten days' journey there is another hill of salt and spring of water and a great number of fruit-bearing date-palms, as there are also in the other places: and men dwell here who are called the Garmantians, a very great nation, who carry earth to lay over the salt and then sow crops.
  • Leila
  • Lela About 55 years later, Lela told me that she had always had a kind feeling toward me since that day because I was the only one of the whole bunch who would wait for her.
  • Lelia Flaubert seems to say in every page of his work: 'Do you want to know what is the real Valentine, the real Indiana, the real Lelia?
  • Lila
  • Sheila
  • Eula
  • Shelia
  • Bela Bela whispered: "If you turn us over you drown quick."
  • hails
  • heels
  • heals
  • he'll
  • hiya
  • hole

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