What is the correct spelling for HELPH?

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Correct spellings for HELPH

  • alpha The section above the crucifix shows the Alpha and Omega, entwined by passion-flowers.
  • delphi When any of these fires chance to go out, as, for instance, the sacred lamp went out at Athens when Aristion was despot, and the fire went out at Delphi when the temple was burned by the Persians, and at Rome in the revolutions during the time of the wars with King Mithridates the fire, and even the altar upon which it burned, was swept away; then they say that it must not be lighted from another fire, but that an entirely new fire must be made, lighted by a pure and undefiled ray from the sun.
  • elf To bonnie Elf -land, if that's your road, where withered leaves are gold. I can't believe, I haven't killed myself Respect carries over me on the court Here with Wigs Magee, and a fury elf – Technical Foul by Adam Sandler
  • glyph Sleep on, they said, in whispers low, Nor fear the white man's coming, For we have put no glyph to show, The spot of thy entombing.
  • hale "Hale will do nothing, neither will you," retorted Cuthbert.
  • half I found that it was just about half and half .
  • hall I understood Hall it was only likely to last two or three days.
  • halo His hands reached out in the words, quick gestures made a halo about them, lips and smiles spoke, and ran the words to a laugh that made the child's presence in the room.
  • halve But no doubt they will eventually halve -and better halve -the world's work and honors with men.
  • heal Yet I cannot heal anyone.
  • healer He was born, charlatans told him, to be a healer .
  • health Something must be done for your health .
  • healthy I believe you to be possessed of a fine and healthy sense of appreciation."
  • heel Head, and hand, and foot, from crown to heel !
  • held She held out for a long time; but they got the better of her-her father is much to blame-she is-married."
  • helen I wish I could understand you, Helen .
  • heller A distinguished physician, Dr. Heller , examined the blood corpuscules of a person in magnetic sleep and found that their shape was essentially modified; they were raised and pointed so as to bear some resemblance to mulberries; at the same time they exhibited a vibrating motion.
  • hellish It was so hellish a thunder that I suppose the blowing up of a first-rate could not make a more frightful roar of noise.
  • hello Hello, I wonder what's wrong up there?"
  • helm Cato's time was, indeed, stormy and tempestuous, yet so as he was able to assist in managing the sails, and lend his helping hand to those who, which he was not allowed to do, commanded at the helm .
  • helot
  • help
  • helper
  • helve What are known as power hammers are those driven by belt and pulley; while those known as trip hammers have their helve lifted through the medium of revolving lugs or cams.
  • hill
  • holy
  • hula
  • hull
  • shelf
  • sylph While I can not say that her form was sylph -like and elegant, yet her features were not irregular, nor was her form misshapen.
  • Guelph None so fitly as himself, who holds San Bonifacio captive-who has dislocated if not yet broken the Guelph right arm.
  • Humph
  • Ralph
  • Hal "No, I can't say which day it was; but here's Hal Clifford-he'll know," and Mr. Bailey stepped aside as Harry came up the hall.
  • Helga Now do you see where Helga Strawn comes in?"
  • helps
  • heels They came up on his heels .
  • heals There must be something, too, in its dews which heals with sovereign balm.
  • he'll He'll come to in a little while."
  • hole
  • helluva

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