What is the correct spelling for HERAPY?

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Correct spellings for HERAPY

  • hap 2847. I see here 'One brown half hap shawl, 3s.
  • happy After all, they had been happy , and why not Betty and Peter?
  • harp An' 'druther'n let 'em labor an' sweat below, he gi'n 'em a harp an' crown up dere.
  • harpy You don't think of letting that old harpy claw up the boy?
  • harry Sally was not the first on the scene, for already half a dozen people had taken their places, but Harry had not yet arrived.
  • heap I'd a heap rather be up here, but Aunt Elizabeth said 'No,' and that settled it.
  • hearer Ecstasy to him is the result of hearing and of understanding what is heard and applying it to an idea which occurs to the hearer .
  • hep This is the angle, the true situation; Get me, I pray, for I'm putting you hep : While I've been fooling with versification Time has been flying....
  • hera What woman might not have been jealous of his enthusiasm for the Roman Hera ?
  • here 1033. Is Laurenson here ?
  • hereby The undersigned hereby presents a letter from Andrew McFarland, Superintendent of the Illinois State Hospital, at Jacksonville, in this State, showing her discharge, and reasons of discharge, from said institution, which is marked "A," and is made a part of this return.
  • heresy The heresy gave so much offence, it is said, that he did not venture to bring out his second volume for twenty-five years.
  • hero If I'm not a hero there can be no point in your solid admiration and gratitude.
  • herr Herr Gottfried looked at him with a new interest.
  • hoary His hair showed him hoary in vice.
  • hooray No, she's not going-hooray!
  • prepay If you enclose 15 cents I will also prepay all express charges.
  • rap I was just about to follow my uncle's example, when there came a rap at the outside door of the paved parlour in which we were sitting.
  • reap What, if successful, did I expect to reap as the result of my dreams?
  • repay I can never repay you.
  • ropy The gorse there was high and thick, and its ropy stems were as big round as a man's wrist.
  • serape Colonel Dupin helped first one and then the other of his charges upon the same horse and wrapped them about in the same gaudy serape till only two pair of pretty eyes peeped forth at the rain.
  • therapy Then a top psychiatrist will give you some therapy , and help you get your mind at rest.
  • wrap Then take each slice with the seasoning on it, and wrap it in buttered paper.
  • Heep But wen I got to Boston, I was struck all up in a heep by gettin a telliegraff from Linkin, tellin me not to go eny further till I heerd from him.

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