What is the correct spelling for HERFE?

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Correct spellings for HERFE

  • haifa The Jew with whom I traveled most of the time had been for some years in the censor's office at Haifa on the Palestine coast.
  • hare He slipped into it like a hare into its warren.
  • harte In mature years she dropped the "Lyon" and called herself "Emma Harte ."
  • harvey London: Grant Richards, 1900. Martin Harvey .
  • have "I have nothing to say," she exclaimed.
  • hearse The Hildreth carriage, behind whose curtained windows sat Dyce and Evadne, had followed close after the hearse .
  • heave A new blast came from the sea, and they felt the floor heave under their feet.
  • heaver Bernard Maddison is Bernard Maddison, and his position would be just what it is, even though his father were a coal heaver ."
  • heavy Edith and I have been going it heavy for nearly two months.
  • hebe The Hebe -like personage withdrew, to reappear with two very thick glasses filled to overflowing with pale yellow ice water.
  • hedge A few yards from the hedge there was an ant-hill.
  • heft Then resuming her story, she continued, "Better'n six year ago Uncle George, who was a bachelor, died, leaving the heft of his property, seventy-five thousand dollars or more, to my son, who is now top of the heap in the store, and worth one hundred thousand dollars, I presume; some say two hundred thousand dollars; but that's the way some folks have of agitatin' things."
  • heifer He told him to go to work an strike a furrow across a field to a black heifer , an then keep on.
  • helve This feeling was also partly prompted by the thought of the new helve I already had in store, awaiting just such a catastrophe.
  • heme So saluted her and walked over London Bridge with them and there parted, the weather being very foul, and so to the Tower by water, and so heme , where I find Mr. Caesar playing the treble to my boy upon the Theorbo, the first time I heard him, which pleases me mightily.
  • hera Great was the wrath of Hera , his queen, when she found that she was no longer the dearest wife of her omnipotent lord, and with furious upbraidings she banished her rival to earth.
  • herb The thought that he had robbed some flower or herb -gatherer of a portion of the result of her morning's work had entered his mind and, obeying a hasty impulse, he flung a glittering zecchin into the basket.
  • herd Though the forest, river, and sea furnish this people with more or less food throughout the year, still the Lapp depends upon his herd for fixed supplies of sustenance.
  • herder The someone who initiated the message was Don Tiburcio, the watchful herder over one golden goose.
  • here And you will not be here .
  • hero However, no matter, we'll entertain the Pachian hero .
  • herr The occasion will be a special one, as Herr Abendgasse, a remarkable German socialist and art critic, is to deliver a lecture on 'The True in Art.
  • hesse Malborow in the land of Hesse , doubtful imprint, 231 Malermi Bible.
  • hf
  • hire And weariness that keeps awake for hire, And grief that says what pleasure used to say; This is the end of every man's desire. The burden of bought kisses. This is sore, – A Ballad of Burdens by Algernon Charles Swinburne
  • hive Yes, this woman I've got, she's thrillin' me with her hive She's calling me Stan Or else she calls me Mister Clive – SITTING ON A BARBED WIRE FENCE by Bob Dylan
  • hoffa
  • hoof He saw no smoke and he saw no roof. That was well! and he stamped a hoof. – Pan With Us by Robert Lee Frost
  • hoofer I have very good letters to Daniel Blood, Dolores Hoofer , Senator Pinchbeck, Violet Curzon-Meyer, and Julia Pescod, so I ought to get along all right socially at any rate.
  • horde Must swarm and propagate the filthy horde Debased, accursed I say, abhorrent and abhorred. – Heroic Poem in Praise of Wine by Hilaire Belloc
  • horse There is our wildest mount--a headless horse. But though it runs unbridled off its course, – Riders by Robert Lee Frost
  • huff when he hit on me you left the room in a huff he crossed the line and enough is enough – Lose that boy by freezepop
  • huffy But I don't blame you-Babylon's made you huffy !
  • nerve Say he's out of step with reality as you try to test his nerve Because he doesn't pay no tribute to the king that you serve. – PROPERTY OF JESUS by Bob Dylan
  • serf People of lord and serf you are- Farewell, salute, bent knee and hand-kiss, Three-masters, uniform and star!
  • serve Then,---if my heart's strength serve, And through all and each Of the veils I reach To her soul and never swerve, – Mesmerism by Robert Browning
  • verve
  • Her I think I can answer for her."
  • Hers Why should it be hers?
  • Hove Soon after, the anchor was hove up, the sails let fall, and away we sailed out of the harbour.
  • Heine 26; Heine , Maeterlinck, p.
  • CERF I have never seen the brand-hirtz or cerf d'Ardennes, nor the European elk.
  • NERF You thought, I suppose, that it was just a common switch; you didn't see that it was a nerf de boeuf, which came from China, where they make a great many canes of that material, because it bends and never breaks.
  • HOFF This piece of business here keeps me and the governor hon and hoff like, and will do for some weeks perhaps; but when that's done, honly say the word, and I'll make you Mrs. M. Isn't that fair now?"

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