What is the correct spelling for HERLP?

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Correct spellings for HERLP

  • hap He forthwith went on to say with some pains that his master had made him to use a means by which he might remember the number from all others in case, by ill-hap, the letter should be lost.
  • harelip Isn't a man with a harelip an infernal fool to learn to play a fife?"
  • harp The hail fell in straight lines, which the fierce near lightning flashed up into the appearance of giant harp strings, on which the black hand of the night was playing those heavy notes of thunder.
  • harpy "We need not fear the harpy saying anything about it," she remarked, "as she would first have to proclaim her own prostitution, and as for us, concealment is the best plan.
  • heal That would make six hundred thousand, a clean voting majority and a fortune in itself; but for the sake of Virginia, and to heal the ancient feud, it would be better to unite with the Huffs.
  • heap O Simmy, Simmy, now let me gang, And my wife shall heap it with her hand."
  • heel As for your lost paper, whatever it may be, you had better look for it in the morning, unless you want to get into further trouble," and he turned on his heel and disappeared.
  • held She held it before her in her hand.
  • hello Hello, boys, what luck?
  • helm Nettleship sprang aft to the helm .
  • help So, you see, I want you to help me to think.
  • helper She found in him not only a friend who warmly encouraged her efforts, but an efficient helper in her schemes, for what had become, in her own words, her "strongest passion, the advancement of the Catholic religion in this country."
  • hemp The blonde hair, always so glossy, was dry as hemp ; the small, upturned nose, once so piquant and saucy, was thin and pinched-almost transparent; the washed-out, colorless eyes, which in her girlhood had flashed and sparkled so roguishly, were half hidden under swollen lids.
  • hep That theer's Margaret Hep .
  • hip These lie on either side of the backbone, opposite the small of the back, their lower ends being level with the highest point of the hip -bones, nearly six inches higher than they are usually supposed to be.
  • hop I tell Hop Kee what you say."
  • hurl It seemed as if the bounds of the flood had been overcome, and that it was about to hurl itself upon the land.
  • kelp 6463. Do you work at kelp ?
  • lp In it, Block proclaimed his preference for the Boston Tea Partys candidates over those of the LP.
  • whelp He wished to meet that young whelp Surtaine nowhere but in a court of law, he announced.
  • yelp If you pass but by, and take no notice, they will yelp and make a noise, and perhaps run a little after you; but turn back, offer to strike them or throw stones at them, and you'll never have done-nay, you'll raise all the dogs of the parish upon you."
  • Heep True humility any man who thoroughly knows himself must feel; but it is not a humility that assumes a worm-like meekness; it is rather a strong, vibrant prayer for greater power for service-a prayer that Uriah Heep could never have uttered.
  • Helped It helped to explain the thing, and I could think of nothing else that would.
  • Hal She was six years older than Hal , and under ordinary circumstances would hardly have been at school with her at all.
  • helps Nothing helps a man's health so much as contrasts in climate or habits.
  • heels We do not know whether we are on our heads or our heels .
  • hurls From the back of the room someone hurls a chair, which strikes the great chandelier: the lights instantly go out, leaving the hall in total darkness.
  • heals No radiant smile his dying peace restores, No love, nor fame, nor friendship heals his wound.
  • he'll He'll never know from me, neither will anyone else.
  • unaffordable to create a centerpiece and a stand for the clock is too much, and is therefore unaffordable for now.

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