What is the correct spelling for HERTO?

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Correct spellings for HERTO

  • cert The thing's a cert .
  • chert In the cliffs of the southern coast of the Isle of Wight it contains bands of calcareous limestone with nodules of chert .
  • ghetto "Let's go down to the Ghetto and clean out the whole gang," somebody else took up.
  • hairdo She was talking volubly about some imaginary adventure as they started down the terrace stairs towards a line of aircabs, playing her part, high-piled golden hairdo bobbing about.
  • hard The work was hard .
  • hart The infection is said to have been caught by a box of clothes, brought by the carrier, and lodged at the White-hart.
  • harte "And if I did each thing, That may do harme or woe: Continually may wring, My harte where so I goe.
  • hat Then he put on his hat and moved to the door.
  • hate I hate great men.
  • head My dear child, it went out of my head .
  • heard Perhaps you have heard of him.
  • heart She knew it almost by heart , but she had to read it again.
  • hearth "They may carry me away from my hearth feet first," thought Gaspard, "but I am not to be scared away from it."
  • hearts So far as the hearts of the people are concerned, Moscow is their capital.
  • hearty Give her a hearty English welcome."
  • heat I built up a great fire, and with much trouble, for he was very heavy, disposed him in such a manner before it that the heat was reflected all over the front of him from his head to his feet.
  • heater Give me a good red-hot patent car-heater, that smells enough of burning iron to make your head ache in a minute, and sets your car on fire as soon as it rolls over the embankment.
  • hector From Mr. Hector Murray ...
  • heed If he doesn't hear and heed now, it won't be my fault!
  • heft Why should he be gasping still, as breathless as after his hardest race, as after his mightiest heft ?
  • hefty "I'm lighter than any of you," Kyla called shrilly, "and not hefty enough to be any use on the ropes!"
  • helot Celeste insensibly fell into a passive attitude, and became what Brigitte wanted her,-a helot .
  • hera The city the Thebans gave for about a year to some political emigrants from Megara and to the surviving Plataeans of their own party to inhabit, and afterwards razed it to the ground from the very foundations, and built on to the precinct of Hera an inn two hundred feet square, with rooms all round above and below, making use for this purpose of the roofs and doors of the Plataeans: of the rest of the materials in the wall, the brass and the iron, they made couches which they dedicated to Hera , for whom they also built a stone chapel of a hundred feet square.
  • herb I have no such herb , maiden, and if I had, thinkest thou I had not given it to Claw-of-the-Eagle to drink.
  • herd It costs somethin' to get to the head of the herd -an' stay there.
  • herder No son of a sheep herder can bluff Y.
  • here I always sell my knitting for money here .
  • hereto At the last, they accorded betwixt them hereto , that they should lie with her, and they had their will of her in her despite; and when they had so done they went their ways, and she abode, much grieving and much sad.
  • hero His mother and Cousin Belle both kissed him, and called him their little hero .
  • herod These men saw his star in the East, but it did not tell them much, for they were apparently obliged to ask information from Herod the King.
  • herr Its owner, Herr Klemm, preserved a discreet silence as to its existence, and it is certainly not obligatory at present to accept it as valid evidence.
  • hertz Heinrich Hertz : Die Prinzipien der Mechanik.
  • hoot Well, they have also got the road now, and cover and blind and choke us with its dust and insolently hoot -hoot at us.
  • hot "You should use him as we do a hot horse.
  • hurt "No one shall hurt you, Maggie dear," she said.
  • hut But not till they had him safely tied to a heavy table leg within the hut .
  • pert Some "pert and affected author" with anxiety on his brow, will be apt to step forward, and say, "Will you celebrate the man of the sword, who transfers the blush of his face to his back, and neglect the man of the quill, who, like the pelican, portions out his vitals to feed others?
  • veto But the Trustees put their veto upon it, and would not consent to his plea that I be admitted there again.
  • Her But what would he do with her?
  • Hers I don't think I would say it, if I had goods of hers in my hand.
  • Hutu The Tutsi minority, 14% of the population, dominates the government and the coffee trade at the expense of the Hutu majority, 85% of the population.
  • Bert There's always Bert Williams at Stowe, who can give you anything you might want-shall I send for him, Doctor?"
  • Horton "Look here, Edwin Horton ," he said, "if there is any such girl at Druid lake as you describe, she's a 'fake' and she's got you strung mightily."
  • Hettie I reckon no woman the Lord ever constructed is quite as attractive to the eye uncovered as she is partly hid, for we are always hunting for perfection, and so nothing under the sun seemed to me to be so good and pure and desirable as Hettie did.
  • hurts Have pity on me, Richard, for my heart is broken, and the thing that hurts me most is that it will hurt you.
  • heats In summer heats they might have dried, but in November, though fine, they never would.
  • herds They had still to endure weary marches, and the care of their flocks and herds .
  • HT Apples the region denies; nor would Acontius have found here Aught upon which to write words for his mistress to read.
  • HIT This man will make a hit with the ladies!
  • HARTS Put these into a Gallon of fair-water; skim it very well; Then put into it one Ounce of Harts -horn, and one Ounce of Ivory.
  • he'd "He said he'd be glad to do what was in his power.
  • in-arguable

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