What is the correct spelling for HERTWO?

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Correct spellings for HERTWO

  • hart And when he went out, instead of joining the little company of waiting men, he walked straight up to the snow-white Hart and Hind.
  • harte Bret Harte would have given you a tale.
  • hat Then he went and got his coat and hat , and left.
  • headway Rebellion was gathering headway within: why was I being treated like a child and put to bed?
  • heard That is, I never heard him say it."
  • heart You don't need to take it to heart like that."
  • hearten That will hearten her more than corn.
  • hearts The longing for home gripped our hearts .
  • heartwood Very heavy and long continuing must have been the ice on these to thus permanently crook their red heartwood .
  • hearty Captain Fancourt has already spoken to them of you, and you will receive a hearty welcome.
  • heat It is a slow combustion, without flames, but it nevertheless releases some heat .
  • heated Then she advanced near enough to encounter the moustache: "Why, how heated and tired you look!"
  • heater The plane had a heater switch that would do.
  • herd The wild herd would never give Mitha Baba over to her own-they would surely fight to keep her.
  • herder He wanted to water them, and his herder wasn't here.
  • hertz Mr. Hertz tried it a couple of times; but him and Mr. Spatola couldn't hit it very well.
  • hot I shall get up the minute the hot water comes."
  • hurt It can't hurt us!
  • hurtle From the glacier the way to the pass is up a steep, narrow gorge known as the Death Trap on account of the numerous avalanches that hurtle down from the mountain tops.
  • hut "Yes; the house can be made as picturesque as the hut , you know.
  • two I'm seein' things two at a time, b' Jazus!
  • Herded He keeps them herded up on his own range.
  • Heywood As a printer he worked only from 1530 to 1534, printing over thirty books, including several works by his uncle, Sir Thomas More, and five plays by John Heywood .
  • Horton It is a broad, winding way around one of the most prominent hills, designed and constructed by the wife of Sir Wilmot Horton .
  • Hewitt "Most certainly, Miss Hewitt ," was my reply.
  • Hettie "When me an' Jane decided to come here to reside, Hettie was goin' to do wonders in the cookin' line.
  • hurts "I expect it hurts ," he said.
  • heats It is when I am restless and unhappy that I become susceptible of cold, damp, heats , and such nonsense."
  • herds After passing the last land point, we noted four herds of musk oxen.
  • HT For destination yonder flower, For business yonder bird; Aught better worth the travelling to I never saw or heard.
  • HIT Well, he thought, now you've hit on it.
  • TWA I made it up to him though, for I bided a day or twa at the hotel, an' went to the room,-the pentin' room whaur I found him-there was whaur he stayed, for he was keepin' things as they were, he said, for the one who was to come into they things-Robert Kater had left there-ye'll find oot aboot them whan ye read the letter-an' I made it as clean as ye'r han' before I left him.
  • HARTS There is men even now who worship Cotton, and there is wimin who wear him next their harts.
  • hewed Mattawa and Gordon set the tent up in the hollow of the ravine, while Wheeler hewed off spruce branches with which to make the beds; but Nasmyth did nothing to assist any of them.
  • he'd And he'd been right.
  • in-arguable
  • side-by-side
  • side-splitting

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