What is the correct spelling for HEWAII?

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Correct spellings for HEWAII

  • dewar Mr Dewar was just as quick at work as he was with his tongue and sword, and both of the latter, it was universally allowed, he could make the best of.
  • hail Well set up, and real American manners,-Hail, fellow, well met!
  • hair Let go my hair !
  • haiti Trees, Coffee Number of Brazil, 207, 208 Ecuador, 236, 278 Indo-China, French, 237 Guatemala, 219 Pernambuco, 205 Sao Paulo, 205, 207, 208 Venezuela, 212 Number to acre, 201 Colombia, 211 Haiti , 220 Porto Rico, 223 Venezuela, 213
  • hawaii Hawaii, in public labor, provides a minimum wage of one dollar and twenty-five cents per day.
  • hawaiian But it is along and in the streams which rush through the bottoms of these narrow gorges that the Hawaiian is most at home.
  • head He nodded his head gravely.
  • heady The bush of syringa by the kitchen window swept in its whole fragrance, heady and sensuous.
  • heal He insisted that the little flock should do its best to heal divisions instead of widening them.
  • heap You are doing a heap of good up here.
  • hear Let me hear you play."
  • heard "Yes, I have just heard ," I replied.
  • heart "At the bottom of my heart , miss, I'd die for you.
  • heat At first Neale had no sensations of heat , weariness, thirst, or pain.
  • heath Let him who crosses the heath at night bend clown until his face comes on a level with the tufts of grass, and he will see a strange spectacle outline itself against the western sky.
  • heave Give orders, swiftly, to the Admiral, That some stout ship heave up the narrow bay, And pour indignant, from the full-tide wave, Fierce cannonade, across the isthmus point, That no assistance may be brought to them.
  • heavy How can I tell him this heavy news?"
  • heir He reminded the new Duke that he had been called to Pianura as governor to the late heir , and that, death having cut short his task, he had now no farther pretext for remaining.
  • hera Hera, being deeply offended with Zeus, determined to separate herself from him for ever, and she accordingly left him and took up her abode in Euboea.
  • hew Why should we leave the fountain of living waters to hew out for ourselves, with infinite pains, broken cisterns that can hold no water?
  • hewer At noon comes W. Hewer and Pelling, and young Michell and his wife, and dined with us, and most of the afternoon talking; and then at night my wife to read again, and to supper and to bed.
  • howard "Why, I want you to come and help have a nice time," returned Howard , with great kindness, but just a little condescension in his tone.
  • howe We hear of W. Howe being sick to-day, but he was well at night.
  • Hewing Foremost of all, the light-footed Highlanders dashed along in furious pursuit, hewing down the Frenchmen with their broadswords, and slaying many in the very ditch of the fortifications.
  • Heidi Just at this moment the pleading young cry was heard again, and Heidi jumped up running and, putting her arms round the little creature's neck, asked in a sympathetic voice, What is it, little Snowflake?
  • Hewitt Mr. G. E. Hewitt presided.
  • hears A few seconds more and right in front of him, not a stone's throw away, he hears the deep tones of Indian voices in conversation.
  • WII Chair was brainstorming Kinect and Wii games, including an idea similar to Infinity Blade, and Epic was nearing completion of an iOS version of the Unreal Engine 3 graphics engine and in need of a "killer game" to show it off.
  • WWII D-Day: The Battle for Normandy by Antony Beevor, Viking Penguin, (2009 book) Film and television The Longest Day (1962 film) Saving Private Ryan (1998 film) Band of Brothers (2001 miniseries) Video games Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (2002) Medal of Honor: Frontline (2002) Call of Duty 2 (2005) Call of Duty: WWII (2017)
  • HEWS Thrain hews at Kol, and the stroke came on his leg so that it cut it off. After that they slew Kol, and Thrain cut off his head, and they threw the trunk over-board, but kept his head.
  • hewers He believed, and could give excellent reasons in support of his belief, that the other inhabitants of Ireland were meant by providence to be Gibeonites, hewers of wood and drawers of water for the people of Antrim and Down.
  • hewed It has hewed and burned the bodies of the dead.

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