What is the correct spelling for HGHEST?

If you accidentally typed "hghest" instead of "highest", worry not! Autocorrect might have missed it, but here are some possible accurate suggestions: "highest", "highest", "highest". Triple-checking and proofreading can help in avoiding such minor errors. Remember, the "i" comes after the "h"!

Correct spellings for HGHEST

  • aghast I was left aghast by the unexpected news of my friend's sudden death.
  • ghost I can't sleep at night because I'm afraid of seeing a ghost.
  • guest I have prepared a comfortable room for the guest to stay in.
  • highest They climbed the highest mountain.
  • honest There's nobody more honest than me.
  • hugest The hugest tree in the forest is my favorite.
  • hughes Hughes was crushed when her bike was stolen.
  • nighest The nighest gas station is only a mile away.