What is the correct spelling for HIDED?

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Correct spellings for HIDED

  • aided In Froebel's wonderful kindergarten system the child is always guided by law, but he is always perfectly free to work out his own designs, and in doing so he is aided by law, not kept back or down by law.
  • handed Slowly Jean poured her sister's tea and handed it to her.
  • hated How I hated that butterfly and my aunt, too.
  • headed That girl ain't got the first idea of what ails him-how anybody with the brains and education she's got can be so thick-headed gits me.
  • heed Then Harry King sat down and looked off through the open window, and paid no heed to what the men were doing.
  • hidden She wished ardently-and Jane was full of hidden fire-to make everything easy for him.
  • hide "Yes, I thought it a pity she should hide anything so good as her shoulders," answered her son thoughtfully.
  • hideout Nobody off the Force knows about this hideout of the Chief's.
  • hired If we'd hired a motor-car, would you all have come to Pompei with us?
  • hued The other girls, lovely in their pale-hued evening frocks, surrounded the pair with smiling faces.
  • tide Sunday breakfast was what she called a "puttiby," something light to tide them over until dinner time.
  • tied Richard has kept me tied to him all these years-years that I might have been free.
  • Died An' I says ter 'im, "I wish yer'd never married my daughter, an' if I'd known you was like this I'd 'ave died sooner than let yer."
  • Heeded But Alexander heeded her not.
  • Herded How did the poor souls live, herded in this narrow court?
  • Hid Only one man of the muster hid himself and stayed behind, and he was too old for military service.
  • Hided But the chocolate-hided only squirmed to get away.
  • Hider "Now, whichever seeker finds whichever hider, they'll go in pairs to the ball, don't you see?
  • Hied Field caught the proffered treasure up, Then tossing off a stirrup-cup From out the castle hied.
  • Hinted He was a member of the administration then in office, and he had hinted that by doing this-that is, by marrying him-she would almost certainly benefit her brother's cause.
  • Hived Like insects, too, they hived in dark holes, which they called shops, in the backs of which one could see their eyes glittering, lying in wait.
  • Hoarded Conal had used it when he was mustering, and there was a heap of rusty irons in the corner, a few hoarded tins and half-empty jars of grease on the shelves, some old clothes, worn-out boots and green-hide thongs behind the door.
  • Hoed After planting, when the trees are rooted and growing, the soil should be often lifted with a light fork, or hoed, and the air admitted to the roots.
  • Hooded She saw that the bar of light came from a hooded lamp which was turned towards the window, leaving the bed in shadow.
  • Sided If he does, it's one-sided.
  • Tided There may be readers who, remembering the scant stream of the cultivated few who tided the poet through the centuries of darkness, and the comparative rareness of cultivated men at all times, will be slow to be convinced of any real impress of Horace upon the life of men.
  • Hiked "Well, when I had fixed things to suit me, and had received the thanks of the lady, when I had also satisfied myself that she was just as anxious for secrecy about the thing as I was, although I couldn't tell exactly why she was so, I hiked it back for town.
  • Hyde When we got home, Dr. Hyde told me that the fairies of the region are rarely seen.
  • chided Since leaving the boats at the great river he had at times chided himself for his foolishness in bringing the child with him.
  • hides Well, it's the last Easter morning for me-thiccy sun hides himself right enough-it's poor trade sitting shivering your toes.
  • he'd But perhaps he'd be more wonderful than ever in the dark.
  • horded

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