What is the correct spelling for HIELD?

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Correct spellings for HIELD

  • child "The child never said 'Thank you.
  • field Yes, monsieur, we will remember your field .
  • head "Only as the head of the family-" "But I'm not the head of the family.
  • healed When the boat was at rest Runnion sauntered down the gang-plank and up to the Lieutenant, who stood above the landing-place, and who noted that the scar, close up against his hat-band, was scarce healed .
  • heed "She'll pay more heed to you than she would to me.
  • heel Stephen made his way to the General, whose bright eyes wandered rapidly over him as he added: "This is the condition my officers report in, Brinsmade,-mud from head to heel ."
  • held Many still held it when I was a boy.
  • helot To gain some power of self-defence, to become something less a cipher in the household, supported, unknown to herself, by her own means, the poor helot had but a single chance, and that chance never came to her.
  • herd Here I found three herd -boys, and they gave me the information I was seeking.
  • hill "Well, I can always come back," said the Bishop lightly, as he set his horse up the hill .
  • hilt At last I managed to pull the coat clear of the hilt of the hanger; the blade was stuck, but after I had tugged a bit it slipped out, and I found it a good piece of steel.
  • hired I suppose your hired girl cooked that roast chicken and the layer-cake and the rolls for Samuel's noonings.
  • hold 9222. You hold some land now from Mr. M'Queen at Burravoe?
  • hued After all, the morning was not quite so dismal as had been threatened; for now and again, as they went away up the strath, there was a break in the heavy skies; and then the river shone a deep and brilliant purple-blue-save where it came hurling in ale-hued masses over the rocks, or rushed in surging white foam through the stony channels.
  • lied He admitted that he knew the Black Bear trail, and if he lied about keeping his mouth shut to the squaw, he'd lie about other- Wait wan minnit, interrupted Poleon, his voice as soft as a woman's.
  • oiled Lard them and wrap them in papers buttered or oiled .
  • piled Barton was at the dinner too, and he piled it on thick about our island, made it quite romantic.
  • riled I was a little riled by that time, I guess.
  • shield Why do you know him-visit him-shield him?
  • tiled She sketched lightly, upon the blank vista down which they walked, the little white house and the tremulous old lady rising from behind her tea-table to greet her with faltering words about "my son's friends," and was on the point of asking Ralph to tell her what she might expect, when he jerked open one of the infinite number of identical wooden doors, and led her up a tiled path to a porch in the Alpine style of architecture.
  • wield A convent parlour might be, and often was, the scene of conversations as interesting and influential as any held in a salon or boudoir; and if Louise de la Fayette did not wield a distinctly political influence, it was rather from choice than from inability.
  • yield Then one day it was borne in upon me that I must yield -or retreat.
  • Ailed "When ther doctor come he sed it warn't nothin' but druggist's truck that ailed her, and he throwed what there wuz out er ther winder, and give her a tonic-Tincter ov Iron he called it.
  • Filed Jack filed away one or two questions in his brain for future reference.
  • Haled A constable served it and the Prophet was haled before the justice.
  • Hauled She would be close-hauled, while we were going free, so that, of course, it was our place to get out of her way.
  • Heeled "You're mighty high-heeled, 'Lissie.
  • Hid She hid from all common eyes.
  • Hided Nay, what is worse, from being goodly, burly, sleek-conditioned men, they became, like our Dutch yeomanry who smoke short pipes, a lantern-jawed, smoke-dried, leather-hided race.
  • Hied I hied me in all haste to my lord of Norfolk, and he hath given me a band of stout fellows that are even now hid under the brushwood yonder.
  • Hived What it has hived up so painfully through many a studious year comes now to be common property.
  • Hoed As soon as the plants are up they have to be hoed, and the more often this is done the better.
  • Howled Then the cat screeched and Pepe howled.
  • Hulled At first Jones's gunners hulled the Drake, as she rolled, below the water-line, but Jones desired to take the enemy's ship as a prize, rather than to sink her, and told his men so.
  • Hurled Then he hurled it back down the tunnel with all his force.
  • Whiled Jack happened to be out, and Slummers whiled away the tediousness of waiting by opening a drawer in Leonard's table and reading some unimportant letters.
  • Hiked Soon as she was safe, I hiked aft and bunked with him.
  • Hilda Then we might not find a house to please us and Hilda would be dissatisfied and suspicious.
  • hailed Instantly, I turned and, putting my hands up to my mouth, hailed the Second Mate: "Light on the port bow, Sir."
  • holed I mean you use your head and keep the others holed up while I fight this one.
  • he'd She said she knows for sure he'd help us."
  • he'll Not at all; he'll come again sure enough.

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