What is the correct spelling for HIGEST?

If you find yourself misspelling "higest", here are some correct alternatives to consider. The correct spelling is "highest". Remember to double-check your spelling and rely on spell-check tools. Building a strong vocabulary and practicing spelling regularly can help reduce such errors.

Correct spellings for HIGEST

  • biggest The biggest pizza I've ever seen was at the local diner.
  • digest After a big Thanksgiving dinner, it took me hours to digest all the food.
  • highest The Empire State Building is one of the highest buildings in the world.
  • hikes I am planning to go on a series of hikes in the Rocky Mountains this summer.
  • Hist
  • honest As a journalist, it is important to always be honest in your reporting.
  • hugest The tallest building in the city is also the hugest.
  • nighest The nighest gas station was five miles away.
  • sagest I feel like the sagest person here.