What is the correct spelling for HIHGER?

If you find yourself frequently misspelling the word "hihger", worry not! The correct spelling is "higher". To avoid this mistake, remember the silent "g" in the word or try using mnemonic devices like "reach 'higher' in life". With practice, you'll soon conquer this misspelling.

Correct spellings for HIHGER

  • chigger
  • hanger I need a hanger to put my coat on.
  • hedger The hedger protected the crops from strong winds by planting trees around the perimeter of the field.
  • Hider Sam let out an exasperated breath before hider rugby ball on the grass
  • higher John has a higher IQ than Jane.
  • hiker That hiker looks like she's about to fall down.
  • hinge He was reaching for the doorknob, but his hand trembled and he lost his grip on the hinge.
  • hither Lead the way, hither to the temple.
  • huger As she continued to eat, her appetite grew huger and she couldn't resist having another slice of cake.
  • hunger Many people in the world suffer from hunger due to poverty and food insecurity.
  • tiger The tiger is an endangered species that is known for its distinctive stripes and powerful hunting abilities.