What is the correct spelling for HIIGH?

If you've mistyped "hiigh" and need the correct spelling, the word you are probably looking for is "high". Double-check your typing for any keyboard slip-ups. Alternatively, consider using related terms such as "tall", "elevated" or "soaring", depending on the context. Proofreading can help avoid misspelling mishaps.

Correct spellings for HIIGH

  • height She measured her height and found out she was six feet tall.
  • high I am very high.
  • highs I cherished the highs of laughter and happiness.
  • hinge The door won't work if the hinge is broken.
  • hitch Your car's broken antenna is preventing you from getting a signal; you'll need to hitch a ride to the store.
  • Hugh Hugh Hefner had a Playboy palace.
  • leigh She Leigh Lipman.
  • neigh The horse let out a loud neigh as we approached it in the field.
  • nigh The day was nigh and the sun was about to set.
  • sigh After a long day at work, she let out a sigh of relief when she finally got to lay down in her bed.
  • thigh She had a bruise on her thigh from hiking through rough terrain.
  • weigh I need to weigh myself before I go to bed.